VBS Investments: 360° Solutions for Planning & Building Wealth

Bhargav Vattam, Founder
Team VBS Investments

The Indian economy is witnessing massive growth over the past decade which is helping the country’s wealth management sector to evolve at a flaring pace. With the industry influencing the overall revenue of the country, financial advisors and wealth managers are taking the front seat in the market. Their recent act of catering financial services to every individual of the country has come up as one of the key missions of the current time. Instead of limiting their operations within the multinational companies and large scale businesses, investment advisors are now making every possible attempt to spread financial awareness across nation. One such company that adheres to this concept is Hyderabad based VBS Investments, a 360-degree wealth planning and advisory solution partner that assist individuals to achieve their financial goals.

VBS Investments is the brainchild of Bhargav Vattam. Growing up in a business family, Bhargav had been evaluating businesses and related decisions from a young age. His exposure to the market as an investment advisor and multi asset financial analyst with a reputed company in the US made him realize that in India, most of the financial intermediaries earn commissions and sell products but do not provide unbiased advises. He was surprised by the fact that the retail investors were unaware of this scenario. To bridge this gap in the landscape and to add value to every individual’s financial decisions, he set up VBS Investments in the year 2018.
Overcoming the Adversities
Lack of awareness and belief in evolution is the biggest challenge in the industry. Recognizing this, team VBS stay ahead of the game by spreading suitable awareness. They organize awareness campaigns at various companies in Hyderabad to help investors improve every aspect of their financial decisions. As a young startup, team VBS has encountered certain defiance such as lack of marketplace in its initial years. “I believe that no business can exist and be relevant without a marketplace. Our primary effort is towards creating a platform that could address the hitch. The quality that is necessary to overcome any challenge is to be open to learning without deviating the organization's objectives.”he mentions.

Scaling up to heights, VBS is upgrading its solutions to provide comprehensive ideas with a range of options for every financial need

The company enables the clients to make efficient financial decisions. It implements a strategy called ‘Scientific Art’ where scientific methods and algorithms along with human instinct make the services affordable and personalized. VBS provides full-time investment advisor to the clients who consistently monitor and manage their financial plans. It also caters to direct lowcost services, unbiased and relevant solutions desired by the customers. “Before suggesting any investment plan, we evaluate the investor’s profile, their goals, and the market profile. Their approach covers all the factors and dimensions an investment decision needs in a very simple manner,” he says.

Eyeing the Future
The company has witnessed tremendous growth not only in tangible terms but also in aspects like brand recognition and trust. “We intend to seek professional mentors this year. Currently, our focus is on partnering with industry experts who have diverse experience in the field,” he informs. User-friendly services attract clients! Prioritizing this factor, VBS is aligning its aim to make its services more accessible, affordable and simple. It will be launching a digital advisory platform that would furnish goal driven, customized and adaptable investment advice unambiguously. The impact created by awareness campaigns is limited and VBS is taking a step forward to acknowledge the issue through social media platforms.