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Pramod Nair,   Co-Founder & CEO

Pramod Nair

Co-Founder & CEO

Consulting is one of India's fastest growing industries. It helps to fuel the rapid growth of industries such as telecommunications, e-Commerce, software design, hardware system design and implementation, intranet & internet, and website development and operation. According to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the consulting industry is developing at a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent.The Consultants Industry has not only expanded in size, stature, and global reach over the last few years, but it has also gone through multiple cycles of professionalization, making it one of the most developed fields within the professional services industry. Consultants are more than just advisors it's a vast, multi sourcing developing field of professionals with indepth knowledge of a certain area who play a critical role in guiding firms to success.

VCNS Global is a prominent design and planning consultant, business advisor, and solution specialist that is assisting more organizations to flourish globally. VCNS is a Quality Managed ISO 9001:2015 certified firm that specializes in Design, Planning & Auditing, Digital Transformation, Information Technology, Security/Loss Prevention, Audio and Visuals, Acoustics and Noise Control, Cyber Security and other related services and solutions. VCNS has a skilled team of specialists who have a combined expertise of more than 60 years co-creating new business models, processes, and infrastructure that embraces digital disruption and creates revenue development.The certified team of professionals specializes in a variety of
industrial verticals, including hospitality, real estate, enterprise, smart city, government infrastructure, airports, retail, education, and hospitals. It is worth noting that VCNS Global, along with the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Skill India, and the National Informatics Centre, won the category 'Innovation in Cloud'for the 12th Aegis Graham Bell Awards (AGBA).

The unbiased approach of VCNS to technology adds agility to ELV initiatives and benefits the Owner, Brand, and Operations team. VCNS offers a single consultant for IT, AV, Acoustics, CCTV, Access Controls, Wireless, Telephony, Premise security, Data Centre, Software & Applications, Digital Transformation, Cloud Planning, and Contactless Platforms to owners. The firm will be in charge of ELV services from design through handover. The firm also offers Innovation and Value Engineering and Brand Agnostic Design, and develops plans to eliminate errors and high costs while optimizing TCO and ROI.

When it comes to brands, VCNS provides extensive knowledge of ELV brand standards, certified professionals in design and planning, and the appropriate size of infrastructure, application, and security to ensure a seamless guest experience. Failure testing, statistical control, Total Quality Management, models and standards, and brand quality are all defined and implemented by the firm. Additionally, the firm helps brands reduce costs associated with external failures by pushing suppliers, enhancing visibility, and promoting improved project insight, more informed decision making, effective management and better results.

Ravin Kumar Jhaala, CTO & Co-Founder
"We integrate a leading market place of technology solutions with our advanced R& D to modernize and optimize any business. We are trusted to deliver secure, resilient, and reliable services", concludes Pramod Nair, CEO & Co-Founder.