V-Deliver: Bringing Conveniences To People By Connecting People And Businesses Across The Globe

Prija Karunakaran,    FounderThe quick commerce segment in India has seen a sudden boom in the past few years. Owing to the Covid19 pandemics, this segment has not just got recognition but this growth is also expected to go further with the industry registering 25-30 % growth by 2022. Quick enough to cash on the opportunities in this growing market is V-Deliver, a people’s convenience company set up with Love and Service on mind.

A part of Piinaacle International - an Import-Export and Sourcing company, V-Deliver vests its focus on offering complete Pick and Drop Services to Individuals and Business Organizations. While the company is Mumbai based, the firm offers its services pan India and International as well, with same day delivery services of Groceries and all perishable items available across 15 cities, along with Same Day Pick up and Drop services of any Goods, be it for Personal or Business Purposes.

V-Deliver is the brainchild of Prija Karunakaran, who recognized during the 2020 lock down that people struggled to get basic things to their home. Milk, sugar, coffee, dal and even simpler items of daily necessity became precious commodities for people to lay hands on. It was then the idea of Home-Delivery stuck Prija. “I immediately searched for some local delivery boys and same day delivery companies who could execute deliveries.

Since transport of essential goods were allowed during lock down, deliveries could be facilitated if delivery boys or logistic companies were arranged. Once this was done, Prija spoke to nearby supermarkets and kirana stores and arranged a system to
allow their goods to be picked up by Piinaacle’s courier boys. This is what led to the foundation of V-Deliver on April 26th, 2020 and ever since, we have been continuously picking up goods and delivering to people at their doorsteps”, shares Prija Karunakaran, Founder, V-Deliver.

Up and Above From offering customized and personalized services to its customers to understanding each customer and solving individual’s shopping or pick up needs, V-Deliver is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to meeting client requirements. “A customer who has once experienced V-Deliver’s shopping experiences, does not go elsewhere. There are 100 courier companies, but they do not provide unique customer centric services.

A customer who has once experienced V-Deliver’s shopping experiences, does not Go else where

Understanding customer needs, doing a market survey accordingly and then getting their work done is unique about V-Deliver. Whether it is saree shopping, book purchasing, utensil purchasing, home items, groceries, sweets, getting your clothes dry washed, repairing of gadgets, getting your cakes delivered or anything else, our V-Deliver agent searches the required shop, purchases the items, packs it and it is then couriered to customer’s doorstep, no matter where you are”, briefs Prija.

Bringing Conveniences to people by connecting with people and businesses around the world has been Prija’s vision. Today, V-Deliver is not only offering logistic services to retailers, it is also providing free website to retailers to list their products. “We are offering Vdaily. in, a multi vendor marketplace where retailers and business people can just list their goods online and people within the prescribed cities can purchase it from the platform. Retailers need not worry about home delivery of their goods. V-Deliver arranges the logistics from shop to customer doorstep and vice versa if required”, adds Prija.

What started amid the pandemic to bridge the gaps in supply and demands has now become a full fledged business. From serving the consumers of Mumbai to now spreading its wings across 15 other cities, V-Deliver has come a long way since establishment. “We started with just Pick and Drop with vdeliver but ever since we have diversified into listing store products on our website ‘vdaily. in' to list store products.

We have also diversified into delivering home-made foods and slowly we are working towards on boarding home food entrepreneurs and thrift stores on to our website. But our ultimate vision is to Go Global. We wouldn’t rest till the Goods of India reach Global. Go Vocal for Global is our highest mission as of now. Goods of SME and niche products of India should continue to soar and Piinaacle should help them reach Global. Products born out of courage and perseverance from India should reach Global. So wait for V-Global “ signs off Prija.