Vedanshi Systems: A way to simplified approaches

Satish Jadhav, FounderA technology enthusiast, Satish Jadhav instituted the foundation of Vedanshi Systems with the vision of executing every complex contrivance with straight-forward approaches to derive the innovative yet elementary solutions that could help people straighten out their day-to-day catches. If truth be told, the company is beyond any doubt has made a significant impact on individuals, making their lives easier and simpler. “I always believed in putting through paces intricate subjects in order to find out pure and simple formulas to deal with any type of issues that stands in our ways. This interest of mine incited me to actuate a concern through which I can help them solve the problems they face in their daily life, be it a crucial or a minor one,” asserts Satish Jadhav, Co-Founder, Vedanshi Systems.

In the journey of puzzling out real world problems availing the power of nextgen technology, Satish was accompanied by industry geniuses Jaydeep Kulkarni, Dhanashree Jadhav, Snehal Desai, Swapnil Bhudke, Santosh Mourya and Deepali Katkar. This group of experts has been employing their forte to generate top drawer services that are listed out in eight chief categories .i.e. App Development, Graphics Design, Computer Generated Imaginary(CGI), Photography, Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Model, Post Production, Proof of Concept, and Technical Consultant. Each genre encompasses farreaching and well founded technical resources ranging from composing image to offering extensive consulting services. It’s get-at-able, costeffective and constructive offerings have made a breathtaking impact in the market.

“While structuring the base of Vedanshi Systems, I, fortunately, met a group of like-minded people who have shrewd fervour for technology and are ready to test the extreme potential of technology and frame avantgarde provisions to treat modern world issues. It is there out of the ordinary line of thinking and sincere efforts that Vedanshi
today stands at its crowning point being the best innovative company in the country,” Satish narrates.

Apart from these above mentioned principal offerings, the remarkability of Vedanshi Systems lies in the various types of applications it has moulded over the years. The company holds pride in designing India’s first SchoolOTG an application empowers parents to keep a check on the school’s CCTV camera. This device is framed based on the on its proprietary SaaS platform Policy-Based Live CCTV Access TM. Adhering to its newfangled offering RapidPOC, it has successfully established three startup brands. It utilizes this technique to convert every trailblazing idea into striking commercial products, taking care of client’s promotional expectations, endeavours and ideas. "We decided to use our expertise in devising apparatus that can be of use to common people. With our advanced School OTG system, we are assisting parents and grandparents to watch their children do all activities like sports, dancing, drawing, learning and others. At present we have one registered patent in 'Method for estimating a personal style index for personality and style assessment of user' category. Besides this, we have also registered three Copyrighted concepts and 2 Trademarks with the most popular class being Computer works,” he briefs.

The remarkability of Vedanshi Systems lies in the various types of applications it has moulded over the years

Vedanshi System’s journey sat in motion in the year 2017 and ever since then it has been achieving success in leaps and bounds. Starting the business from a 1BHK flat and one engineer the company today owns an office of its own with more than 21 adroit engineers and designers collaborating together to meet its object of the exercise. Its excellent contribution has earned positive recognition across the globe. So far the company has put forward the finest IT services to about 23 clients in India, USA, South Africa, and Europe. Headquartered in Mumbai, Vedanshi System has expanded its presence to Delhi, Pune, Bhopal, UP and Ahmedabad. Satish comments, “We have definitely grown extensively in a span of two years. Our School OTG application is being used in 25 institutes and about 19 institutes are evaluating to incorporate it. On the other hand, ZenithCaaS products are used by 4 to 5 pharma companies. We have 3 Copyrighted concepts, two registered Trademarks, though one Patent pending technology.

The company is all set to bring a storm of pragmatic modification in the fashion industry across the world with its magical application MagicMirror. It intends to stay motivated and skillfully accomplish its future endeavours.

Satish Jadhav, a visionary and technology oracle holds vast experience and knowledge across technology domains related to High-performance realtime Network Monitoring Applications, Security applications, and others. His contributions have earned his the award of Top 50 Tech Visionaries 2019. His end in view of using technology to put to rights all glitches in lives received shape through his establishment Vedanshi Systems.

Offerings: SaaS product SchoolOTG, Magic Mirror, RapidPOC, ZenithCaaS
Main Office: Mumbai