Veegam Software : A Young Firm Marking Milestones In Digital Transformation Services

Praneet Gundepalli,  Founder & CEO

Praneet Gundepalli

Founder & CEO

The global digital media software market which has been valued at $18.32 billion in 2023 is expected to reach $33.16 billion by 2030. Custom software development services are highly in demand for their pivotal role in driving business transformation, and propelling business growth and reach. However, the growth of this industry requires service providers to find, refine, and retain the right workforce that displays skills as well as a forward-thinking bent of mind to develop solutions that make businesses future-ready. Creating a workplace that is nurturing for developers is the need of the hour. A Hyderabad based software solutions startup,Veegam Software stands out in the industry for its employee centric policies as one of the top startups to work for. Dedicated to delivering top-notch services to clients, the company nurtures values of ethics and employee well-being above all, to motivate the workforce to produce more innovative solutions.

The Inception Saga of Veegam

Veegam Software, founded in 2017, is the brainchild of Praneet Gundepalli, Founder and CEO of the organization. Bringing over 18 years of experience in the IT sector, with expertise as a Software Architect, Praneet laid the foundation of the company with the aim of providing best in-class software solutions for diverse applications at minimal costs. The establishment of the company was inspired by one of the firm’s current Directors, who is a doctor by profession and required a software solution that could handle and streamline hospital-related concerts like background management.

The firm’s name, a reflection of its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions rapidly, is inspired by the Sanskrit term ‘vegam’, which means speed. Despite promising quick turnaround times, Veegam’s team ensures that its solutions not only meet the client’s requirements but play a pivotal role in helping businesses flourish.

“Veegam was founded because we feel every business needs a website to improve their business, grow big, and reach customers easily. Our team takes care of our client’s IT projects regardless of its level of complexity. We are not afraid of difficult tasks. We have the best team of developers who aim to complete the work with high quality. Our credibility, commitment and capability to develop, optimize, and host web applications remotely are proven by our custom web application software and mobile apps that allow clients to access data from anywhere, anytime, using any device”, shares Praneet Gundepalli, Founder and CEO, Veegam Software.

Employee-Centric Work Culture

Recognized for its employee-centric work culture, Veegam’s achievement as one of the top software firms to work for is well-founded. Promoting a family-like work environment, Veegam boasts a work culture that is equally invested in employee well being and growth as it is in delivering exceptional products to clients.
Praneet, understanding the dynamic nature of the sector, encourages his team to continually upskill, self-learn new advancements in the industry, and continually strive to deliver improved products.

“We encourage self-learning, we always ask our employees to learn software development (coding) because it will always help them in any field they are in. I encourage open communication, I discuss with the team regularly while making any decisions. Moreover, I strive to foster a culture of respect for individuals, diversity and differing perspectives. I also encourage my team to strive for excellence in all aspects of work and service delivery and to emphasize creativity and continuous improvement”, adds Praneet.

Even though there is 100 percent customer satisfaction, Veegam Software will keep improving & be beyond customers' expectations

Beyond encouraging a proactive approach from the employees, the company also offers various opportunities for employees’ professional growth, training, and development. To further motivate upskilling, the firm also recognizes individuals who perform well, giving them awards as well as salary hikes in recognition of their outstanding performance. Moreover, contrary to the common practice of replacing underperforming employees, Veegam takes pride in striving to encourage all employees to step up their performance by undertaking courses that can help.

Focusing beyond professional growth, Veegam also strives to offer employees a work-life balance through flexible work timings, period company outings, teambuilding sports, and other exercises and encouraging employees to incorporate daily physical activity within their schedules. The company also takes care of basic amenities like in-office snacks as well as reimbursement of any personal expenses made for company projects, giving employees peace of mind.

As a firm that believes in building employee skills, Veegam hires freshers who undergo its signature 30- 60-90 day hiring plan. This unique program by Veegam has been designed to ensure new employees have time to grow into the company’s culture. The first 30 days is a period where new employees undergo orientation and self-training, guided by seniors. The next 30-day period is where the new hires are provided sample projects to work on. Lastly, the final 30-day period is when the new hires are given small tasks and projects to show their skills.

Expert Range of Solutions

Beginning with a dedicated solution to fulfill the requirements of a client, team Veegam has grown into a multi-specialty solutions partner, offering a comprehensive spectrum of web development, designing, app development, and other services. The varied services are led and supervised by its different team members with special expertise in different areas. Although the firm holds a powerful position within the media industry, serving all major news and media houses within Telangana and Andhra, it also extends its services to the healthcare sector, hospitality industry, edtech sector, and agrotech sector.

Within the media industry, Veegam’s team of experts has emerged as the go-to partner for digital news companies. Its unique CMS system serves over 600 million viewers a month. Having developed over 50 news portals in the last four years for giants like TV9(multiple regional channels), Telangana Today, Namaste Telangana, IBC24, NTV Telugu, 10TV, and many more.

“Our diverse team offers an assortment of services ranging from web app development to mobile app development using the latest technologies, automating works, UX design, API development, product engineering, software re-engineering, developing fully responsive design, performance tuning, testing, performance testing, cloud hosting, mobile testing, software maintenance, technical support, digital marketing, and more. We are also certified partners for AWS Amazon which gives us a competitive edge over competitors in the industry”, further shares Praneet Gundepalli.

Future Roadmap

As the company defines its future roadmap with regard to expansion, it understands the critical role that the employees will play in driving success. Prioritizing continuous learning and innovation, Veegam’s future plans revolve around ideas that will help the team members get better access to advanced learning materials. The company’s focus for the coming years is to create an environment where employees feel valued, empowered, and aligned with the company’s mission. Through this, the firm aims to achieve new heights of success in the industry.