Veegent: Exhibiting Unparalleled Mastery in Cyber Security Solutions

 Nilesh kumar,   Global Head of Business Development

Nilesh kumar

Global Head of Business Development

Cloud Computing has become the focal point in every industry looking to progress with the integration of technology with everyday tasks. However, this dependence exposes companies to cyber security threats, including data protection risks. The Global Cyber Securities Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% by 2029, owing to the ever-growing nature of cyber security breaches and threats leading to greater demand for services and the government’s initiatives to establish proactive and robust systems that can tackle these issues effectively.

Conquering these Cyber Security threats facing SBM and IT services companies since 2017, Veegent is a one-stop solutions firm that understands its clients’ needs, provides relevant solutions, suggests the removal of excess security services, and guides clients on the best ways to leverage the systems already in place. Veegent is looking to add value and form long-term business relationships with its clients.

Devising cost-effective solutions for their clients, Veegent’s team of experienced members stays up-to date with the latest advancements in technology and cyber security. In doing so, they save the client’s time and resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities. In these efforts, they are guided and driven by their vision - “To create a reliable and ever-evolving cyber
security foundation in the Information Technology ecosystem through our integrated service,” says Sugandha Devi Singh, Founder, and Managing Director, Veegent.

Adding Value through Services
Reliability, Flexibility, and Scalability of IT services, along with accessibility and usability of implementation, are the core factors ensured in all services provided by Veegent. Cost-effectiveness is one of the core focus areas, and as such, they integrate solutions in the most efficient way to reduce the chances of security or data breaches. Following these values, Veegent provides complete IT solutions to clients, including guidance on the implementation of centralized contacts, maximization of the use of passwords to reduce security breaches, implementation of multi-factor authentication, implementation of regular updates, implementation of VANs, implementation of key rules and clear-cut protocols with end customers and vendors, and how to retire unused services without letting any data leak. “For all these, you need the right tools, applications, and monitoring methods always to be secure. Our expertise helps in these areas and keep updated to increase the business without depending on the IT security threats”, adds Sugandha.

Our vision is to create a reliable and ever-evolving cyber security foundation in the Information Technology ecosystem through our integrated service

What sets Veegent apart from competitors is its ability to adopt innovative and cost-effective solutions, provided and implemented by highly skilled experts, who only recommend solutions that are easy to use, don’t require excessive integration or product additions, and are efficient in saving time and resources. In addition, Veegent’s team works tirelessly to provide smooth IT solutions, offering complete IT services to clients, enabling clients to focus solely on their business.

Plans for the Future
Based in Pune, Veegent has already established a national presence in India. The company also has offices in Kerala. Veegent has also made its presence in the Middle East and is now focusing on establishing an international presence with dedicated representatives to provide services. The firm is also adding new services to its portfolio, including AI, IoT, and SAP, in the near future. With its proven method of working, loyalty to clients, and unparalleled skills in its focus areas of IT and Cyber Security, Veegent is quickly becoming a firm to watch as it makes great strides in the field of cyber security.