Virtual Analytics: Orchestrating Viable Solutions having High-end Usability

Akshay Sharma, Mayank Badola, Vishal Joshi, Sakshi Baliyan,FoundersArtificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and has shown tremendous growth in market share. They are now being implemented across diverse verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, voice-based solutions, and many more. Owing to the spectacular growth in the AI sector, India has emerged as a nation with a robust ecosystem that enables AI startup professionals and founders to kick-start their ventures.

Significantly, Virtual Analytics, established in 2020 is a Noida-based data analysis and ERP solutions development company. The firm was bootstrapped by a vibrant performance-driven professional team who is the driving force, spearheading the firm towards success namely Vishal Joshi, Akshay Sharma, Sakshi Baliyan, and Mayank Badola.

The team was working together for some time and perceived the entire AI data analytics not being projected the way it should be and decided to develop solutions for all the various industry verticals which can be used by everyone and do not restrict to a limited niche society. The specialties of Virtual Analytics lie in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Web Development, Application Development, UI/UX Design, and Machine Learning.
Virtual Analytics has been creating versatile dashboards to gain insights into the most important aspect of the data and get real-time insights. For instance, the firm was working with the Middle East University and wanted a dashboard for a project that was developed for a government organization in Saudi Arabia. The dashboard was needed to inject all the available online content into meaning analysis for events to be conducted in any city which also included the Dubai Expo. Perfectly understanding the requirements, Virtual Analytics constructed a streaming data analytical engine that helps to analyze an event occurring worldwide.

It is a fully automated solution wherein no manual work is required and one can get hold of all kinds of information, be sentiment scoring, or how the event is heard on social media, to the impact of the event on various industries or humans. The solution has been the most distinguished and groundbreaking work of the company, which is being used by millions of users concurrently without breaking down a single time. Also, Virtual Analytics has been leveraging AI and IoT in creating disruptive solutions in healthcare, insurance, and finance.

Currently, Virtual Analytics is working on a product which is a smart home device developed with an amalgamation of AI and IoT. The product is developed to maintain all the electrical devices operated through a mobile app and will be available at a very affordable price. The product will not only help users to manage the electrical devices in their home, but it will also allow them to monitor the power consumption. It acts as an indicator so they can optimize the power usage and cut down on electricity bills beforehand. The product is a part of a five-series device which is called `Tatv'.

Tatv is a kind of ecosystem that the firm desires to develop by creating an untapped market experience for the users. The five-set of devices will not only be available for home usage but can also be used in official premises or public places. The firm is looking forward to having a custom product line available in the market that will consist of Smart commercial home devices and devices that can be used in public places to make an entire automated process for everyone who is a participant in the ecosystem.

Further, Virtual Analytics desires to be a contributor to society as a whole by developing and providing solutions that are available for everyone and not limited to anyone. "In the future when someone uses Virtual Analytics, we want our brand to be associated as a solution developer that helps everyone by leveraging all the available technologies to the entire strata of the society," concludes Mayank Badola.