Vital20 Communications: Digital Agency At Its Best

Hetansh Desai,Founder & CEO

Hetansh Desai

Founder & CEO

'Content which is structured better wins hands down' was the ideology on which the genesis of a splendid marketing and advertising firm, Vital20 Communications was drawn up. Brought into existence by a marketing enthusiast, Hetansh Desai, it excels in forking out top-notch Digital marketing, Branding and Designing solutions.

The Story of its Origin
When pursuing his post-graduation in the U.S, Hetansh developed a great inclination towards advertising. He latched on to the fact that hoardings and advertisements were not powerful enough to create a never-ending impact on the minds of the audiences. The thought of restoring the lost magic of this space enkindled him to innovate Vital20 Communications. “The hoardings of the biggest brands at Times Square in New York did not look very convincing. I plunged to conduct a small activity where we interviewed people asking them to recall any advertisement they saw listed at Times Square. But most of them were not able to remember any of those ads displayed on the big screen. I contemplated that there must be some hitches in the advertising space that is breaking off brands from creating an everlasting impression and reaching out to the targeted audience. This factor incited me to venture into this domain and bridge the gap that persists within the ecosystem,” recites, Hetansh Desai, Founder & CEO. The main objective behind constructing Vital20 Communications was to attempt to bolster up the advertising space. It has endeavoured to give new energy and vibes to businesses enabling them to create a constructive digital identity. The company provides three different services, categorized as Advertisement Campaigns-conventional or
digital, Identity Development, and Design & Experience. In short, it focuses in strategizing and creating marketing tactics through Websites, SMM, SEM, SEO, e-mails/ SMS. On the designing front, it has been focusing on Brand Identity, UI/UX Design and Marketing Tangibles. Based on the requirements of the brands they probe and concoct beneficial marketing solutions.

Sailing the venture against odds
The creation of this peerless organization took place in the year 2017. It started off as a slim marketing agency that was put up in a small apartment. The nascent stage of Vital20 Communications was quite demanding. Being an entrant with a slightly built team and meager resources and facilities, it had to put its back into establishing itself as a stable marketing emporium. The extension of the company has been remarkable even though it mounted the ladder of growth and success in stages. "One of my Friends Was Kind Enough To Let Us Work From The Living Room Of His Flat. We Had About Three To Four People With Us. It Was About six months later that we moved to a 500 sq ft office in Chandivali, Andheri East, from where we operated for a year. Eventually we shifted to a bigger, 1500 sq ft office space encompassing every necessary amenity we needed to operate the business at our ease.” He adds, "At the initial time, we had to concentrate on weaving trust in the market. Being a young company we lacked compelling projects to show to the clients. On the other hand we were settling issues such as cash flows, finding new work, and filling other gaps that existed in the entire operation.” The proficient and innovative team at Vital20 Communications has given it a significant facelift in a short time.

Vital20 has endeavoured to give new energy and vibes to the business enabling them to create a constructive digital identity

The Move Forward
Vital20 Communications has experienced growth in leaps and bounds. Initially, the company mostly served local clients but in the recent past it has served bigger clients like Vodafone, Kellogg's, Indiabulls Foundation, TBZ (Opera House Branch), Bajaj Foods, Chiripal Group (Nandan Denim & Vishal Fabrics), One Way Cabs, ITM & Freedeem among others. Vital20 Communications has also been featured by ET Startups in 2017.

Key Management:
Hetansh Desai, Founder & CEO
Hetansh Desai, a young visionary who intends to bring in a positive change in the marketing and advertising practices. He lives by the objective of hatching simple yet effective philosophies and innovations to straighten out the perplexing situations in the market.

Offerings: Design, Digital Advertising, Identity Development, Marketing solutions
Office: Mumbai