VITWIT: The Power Of BlockChain and AI

Lingamurthy Madaraboinaaka Murthy, Co-Founder & CEO,  Anil Kumar Kammari, Co-Founder & CTO, Bhargav Dath, Co-Founder & Director,<span style='display:none;'>.</span>Three tech enthusiasts Lingamurthy, Bhargav and AnilKumar established a company with the aspiration to build advanced technologies and assist businesses develop decentralised infrastructure that could gain them competitive advantages. Their interest of evaluating the cutting edge technologies like AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics engendered them to actuate Vitwit, where they could arrogate, probe and implement technologies that are bang up to the minute. Perceiving the disruptive potentiality of blockchain, the trio decided to explore and devise innovative solutions that could transform and automate the functionality of businesses, ameliorating their value in the market. “We were always interested in delving in to highly advanced technologies like AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain. That is exactly how we came up with the idea of initiating Vitwit, a platform where we could explore and frame valuable Hi-tech solutions for the well being of the bureaus,” states Murthy, Co-Founder & CEO, Vitwit. Right now, with a team of 35, the company is actively looking for synergy between AI and Blockchain to build truly autonomous and automated business functions.

As a core technology company, Vitwit offers a wide range of services covering state-of-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Its blockchain services can be catalogued as Smart Contract Development & Auditing, Apps Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Escrow & Multisig development, Private Blockchain development, Cryptocurrency exchange development. On the other hand, it’s AI and other services comprise of Custom Chatbots for sales and support, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning; Deep Learning Model development & tuning, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Automation & DevOps last but not the least Workflow automation. Deeming the variation of its services that it offers, the company can rightly be articulated as one of the leading tech companies that orchestrates nonpareil innovative technologies.
What makes Vitwit stand out in the crowd is its deep understanding and expertise in Blockchain & AI technologies and the ability to understand and transform / automate business behaviours for a greater value. “Since inception we have been delivery latest and innovative technologies. We also excel in hiring and training top talent in blockchain and AI technologies,” he mentions.

Vitwit offers a wide range of services covering state-of-art technologies like AI/ML and Blockchain

As a part of its vision, the company is developing blockchain solutions for Commodity trading, cross border payments, identity management and supply chain automation as well. It has further designed, developed and deployed 3 blockchain projects into production among others. “Our strategy is simple, our work speaks more than words. Our clients trust us for our work and most of the times they bring us new associations,” Murthy avers.

Sailing against the Wind
Setting hands on any new entity can be a matter of great risk. Since it is new, its knowledge may remain restricted to a particular group of people. The company had a tough time discovering adroit employees possessing shrewd knowledge about blockchain. Determining appropriate business opportunities was yet another issue that bothered it in its early days. However, these snags did not refrain the company from moving ahead. With a death-or-glory attitude, the core team of Vitwit started bestowing their knowledge to the new members of their team. It propagated about the power of blockchain and its ability of changing the entire functionalism of businesses to its clients. “The lack of standardized process for the development and the execution of blockchain projects was also a matter of great concern for us. But our précised tactics helped us in overcoming every single complication that came our way,” he adds.

Over the years, Vitwit has carved a niche for itself in the industry. From a team of three people assigned to develop a recruitment portal and HR automation tool for its first client, the company has increased to 10 by the end of the first year. The very next year, the team increased to 20+ and achieved 5x revenue. “Till date we have scaled our team to 35 in number with a CAGR of 161.5 percent. Most of our clients are from East Europe, Singapore, US and India,” he says.

Future Perspectives
In the near future, Vitwit intends to extend its services to healthcare and biotechnology industries while strengthening its expertise in the
financial domain. It is all geared up to set its foot in the international market and develop strong POC’s with the objective to collaborate with potential clients and companies. “We aspire to become one of the best Blockchain & AI companies in India. For which, we have strategise effective game plan and magnifying all the services that we offer. Furthermore, we are working in quantum proof algorithms to strengthen old age crypto systems,” he avers.

In a nutshell, Vitwit can be defined as a new age AI& blockchain solution provider that puts in place automated and autonomous systems. It is a company that has taken the initiative to bring humans and machines together in order to create an innovative way of living.

Vitwit’s Blockchain Services include
●Smart Contract Development & Auditing
●dApps Development
●Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
●Escrow & Multisig development
●Private Blockchain development
●Cryptocurrency exchange development

AI and Other Services:
●Custom Chatbots for sales and support
●Machine Learning & Deep Learning Model development & tuning
●Big Data Analytics
●Cloud Automation & Devops
●Workflow automation

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Message from the Founders
“In our experience in exploring and adopting disruptive technologies like Blockchain and AI, we understand that we need two kinds of skill set. First one is Deep Understanding in technology and its intricacies. Second one is domain expertise or deep understanding of business functions. Any budding entrepreneurs can start with any of skill set and collaborate with other entrepreneurs for another skill set. Irrespective of technology, all businesses look for ROI and Profits. So figuring out a use case which can show clear ROI would be a great start.”

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An Exciting Work Culture
We, three founders, are from technology background with keen interest for startups and business.One of our greatest strengths is our team. We hire talent from top colleges like IIITs and NITs. More than half of the talent are from IIITs as of now. Average age at Vitwit is 24-25 years. Having most young, energetic and passionate technology team, we always dream and discuss about innovation and cutting edge tech. We learn things together, we conduct hackathons and coding competitions internally to challenge ourselves. We are strong believers in free thinking. Our core values are Innovate, Invent, Collaborate, Learn, share and have fun.