VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS: Innovative Technology Solutions to Make Your Business Dream a Reality

Vivek Jaiswal,FounderEvery organization, irrespective of its domain, needs to have a dream and a technology to back its day-to-day operations. It is not always about the money but the creation of value-adding products/services that imparts a difference in the market and makes the world a better place for everyone.

Wealth, on the other hand, is the result of delivering innovative solutions that solve the mishaps of life. And, technology is the only way forward. For example, without the advent of technology and a dream or a vision of a company or a person, it would have been impossible for people to travel the world, or communicate with each other. Some where, it was someone’s dream that has shaped into a reality and technology has definitely opened doors to endless possibilities.

Vivek Jaiswal, Founder, VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS, who is a firm believer of this, speaks, “Most companies lack the knowledge to take their business dream forward. It is not about getting expensive equipment or a fancy looking systems & software and claiming it to do the rest for you. It is about doing things slightly different from your competitors and using technology as a strategic tool to enhance the overall business and create a unique experience for the end-users.”

A Personal Endeavour - Delivering Cutting-edge Technology
Established in 2013, VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS did have a topsy-turvy journey in the beginning. After their establishment, they did face minor glitches in terms of acquiring new projects, building rapport with clients, and attaining financial stability. Sailing against the wind, Vivek recalling his initial days, says, “As a new company, nobody is going to invest in you. It took us two years to build a name in the industry. Initially, when we started doing projects for our clients, we did not charge them any money and accepted only
minimal fees once the project was executed, because, we wanted to prove a point of doing things better than anyone else in the market. And, in this period, we built our team and attained stability. With time, our team has definitely taken the company to a whole new level and through our hard work we have harnessed the trust with the clients and are growing as one.”

Delhi based VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS is definitely carving a niche in the space today by providing holistic services and solutions to its clients across the globe

With the vision to provide software and infra support solutions to companies across geographies, the team VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS believes in adding values to clients’ existing environment by bringing in innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies into their business and ensures to provide efficient and effective solutions at a cost-effective price. Enthusiastically, Vivek adds “Other companies out there will provide services to meet the expectations of their clients. But, we, on the other hand provide solutions beyond expectations. With us, the business will thrive and clients will get more than what is promised.”

Delhi based VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS is definitely carving a niche in the space today by providing holistic services and solutions to its clients across the globe. Whether it is website development, mobile app development, multi GDS integration, XML/JSON based API integration, Low Cost Carrier integration, Flight/Hotel/Car API integration, payment gateway solutions, project management, eCommerce solutions, cloud-based solutions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), database development, and consulting, the company handles projects of all sizes. Additionally, the company offers customer-oriented services and delivers creative and effective results.

Exciting Journey Ahead
VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS is in an expansion phase. Initially, led by two-members, the company at present has grown to 10 member team. The team believes in lean methodology implementations of executing projects, where by they provide
high-quality product to their clients. Currently, the company is focusing on the US & UK clients, but soon will be catering services to clients from India and other parts of the world. “We will remain ubiquitous in the software and application development market. In the years to come, we will be evolving as a brand that promotes business to a whole new level. Most importantly, if you have a dream and desire to transform the world, we have a technology for you,”concludes Vivek on a positive note.

A Global Leader in GDS Support (API Integration)
Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have always been the main source of bookings used by the travel agents. GDS (Global Distribution System) is an IT system services used by Travel Agents to book flight tickets, hotels, cars, tours and cruises. It provides a platform for connecting millions of people to provide a common platform for bookings (flight, hotel,packages and cars) across the globe.

As a GDS integration service provider, VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS work on GDS systems and low cost air carriers to provide their clients the comprehensive flight booking system. Their experience and superior expertise in designing and developing different types of IBE's and integrating them with various GDS has made them a global leader in this service area. Also, the company provides a reliable way of integration of all domestic and international payment gateways which is available in the market.

Key Management:
Vivek Jaiswal, Founder, VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS

VJ SOFT SOLUTIONS is the brainchild of Vivek Jaiswal. He is an innovator, a true entrepreneur and a team player with robust industry experience and is known for providing out of the box solutions to the clients. Prior to starting the company, he has worked with a lot of tech companies. Also, he is an expert when it comes to digital marketing, mobile app development, PHP, MYSQL, GDS Integration, MVC, C#,.NET, API integration.

Competitive Advantage:
• On Time Project Delivery
• Sustainable and Optimized Solution
• Round the Clock Customer Support
• Redefining the Quality of Work