VMVFL: A Fashion House Of Premium And Luxury Brands

Vishnu Mohan,  Founder

Vishnu Mohan


Statistics show that e-commerce is now an essential tool for the fashion industry and the constant rise in revenue generated is partially down to the increase in potential consumers. Digital innovation, rising globalization, and changes in consumer spending habits have catapulted the fashion industry into the midst of seismic shifts. Lower digital barriers to entry for all clothing merchants offer the opportunity to market, sell, and fulfil orders globally and automatically. As a result, worldwide revenue and revenue per user (ARPU) are projected to grow. Established in 2021, VMV Fashion and Lifestyle is a fashion house of premium, fashionable apparel, and life-style accessories brands that cater to a wide range of customers all over India.

The fashion sector is more unpredictable than ever due to the accelerated retail apocalypse caused by the coronavirus but the current market condition has helped retailers to grow their business enormously. With the introduction of a lot of new and user-friendly marketplaces, a lot of conventional retailers were able to transform their business online and cater to a large number of people. Because of the userfriendly interfaces and extremely low entry barriers, the number of competitors has also increased in the market and made it difficult for a new brand to compete and come forward.
VMV Fashion and Lifestyle focuses on creating and building a brand from scratch and forming it into a global name. "With proper marketing techniques and ideas, we believe we are in a wonderful ecosystem to launch and promote a new brand," says Vishnu Mohan, Founder, VMV Fashion and Lifestyle.

VMV Fashion and Lifestyle own three brands that cater to three different categories of customers. "Martin Wise" is a luxury fashion brand with exclusive luxury apparel as they create custom made designer apparels that are luxurious, one-of-a-kind, and customized to each customer. "Twentee 4" is a premium apparel brand catering to both men and women, which consists of fashionable, bold, vibrant, and colourful designer casuals and will be available in UAE and the USA soon. "Foppish" is a sub premium fashion brand offering casual wear and street wear for both men and women. "Making use of all the new age technologies and opportunities to grow our brands, we focus on catering best quality premium apparel to the Indian markets," speaks Vishnu.

With proper marketing techniques and ideas, we believe we are in a wonderful ecosystem to launch and promote a new brand

Ensuring quality at every step
VMVFL produces several categories, which include T-Shirts, Polos, Shirts, and Jeans. All the brands from VMVFL have one thing in common, every garment they produce is made from a designer perspective. They look into minute detailing to create a masterpiece, as every design is exclusive and has a unique character to it. All the products sold by VMVFL are made from scratch by the company itself, and quality standards are maintained in every step of sourcing to ensure lasting quality for their customers. The brand has strict quality assurance procedures, from sourcing cotton to getting the products on the racks. Because of the production structure, they can control quality in all aspects of development. All the sourcing is done through experts from reputed vendors and undergoes testing at every stage. Design, Fit and Quality are the three important things VMVFL prioritize in every product, and their products' character and design style help them stand out and grab the customers' attention.

VMVFL focuses on building lifestyle and fashion brands and is on the road to opening exclusive outlets for its brands and is looking at an international expansion. The company will distribute pan India in the next three years and distribute to UAE and US by the next year.