Voltamp Solar: One-Stop Solution For Entire Lifecycle Management Of Solar Power Plant

Prashant Bhurke, Chief Catalyst & MD

Prashant Bhurke

Chief Catalyst & MD

Renewable energy is a promising sector, pacing steadily towards growth. The change has been brought with decades of investments that have been mobilized towards a noble cause ­ the environment. India is marching towards sustainable energy through various missions and policies in place through the support of the government which has taken much interest in the sector. Many companies have participated in catering to the growth of renewable energy and have been a major source of deriving confidence. The milestones achieved have hinted towards achieving more and with technology, the future isn't far-fetched.

Voltamp Solar is a leading player in the industry catering to the entire life cycle management of solar power plants by providing end-to-end services from planning, designing, installation, and maintenance of solar power plants. It delivers the most energy efficient, safe, and optimized power plants to customers. "Our solar systems are designed to optimize renewable energy potential to the fullest. We offer a one stop shop solution for your solar energy needs. Comprehensive Maintenance of power plant is a key part of our growth strategy", says Anand R. Kulkarni, Chief Products, Voltamp Solar.

Repowering Old Power Plants
India has Installed a base of 40.1 GW till March 2021, out of which around 6.8 GW installation comes before March 2016. Technological advancements, in terms of components used in the manufacturing of
solar panels, have changed over the years yielding more efficiency today than they did a decade back. All these old power plants with higher PPA rates can see a shift in energy generation if they re-power the old power plant using the latest modules & maintenance practices. Voltamp solar provides end-to-end solutions from technical due diligence to structural modification, and electrical modification to procurement, installation, and commissioning of such power plants. We have an interesting financial model to minimize the investor's risk and play a win-win role for both the stakeholders involved.

In the next 3-4 years, Voltamp plans to emerge as a leading player in the recycling of solar panels as it possesses all skills to handle the requirements of the sector

The journey for Voltamp Solar started in the year 2016 but the history of its existence goes decades back to the year 1996. "We were there in the industry as one of the leading manufacturers of HT and LT panels and electrical distribution. The legacy that we hold in the industry today is an attested measure of quality & professionalism, making us the chosen one for all solar requirements", says Prashant Bhurke, MD & Chief Catalyst, Voltamp Solar.

Planning To Recycle Solar Panels
Voltamp has expertise in perceiving the challenges before they arrive and thus stays ahead of curve by researching and divisive solutions. Integration of CRM with the remote monitoring tool helps the company cater to its clients by adding value before the problem arrives. "In the next 3-4 years, Voltamp plans to emerge as a leading player in the recycling of solar panels We are already in the business of comprehensive maintenance of solar power plant, this gives us the edge to be first at site, knowing where the problem exists. With well-defined processes and products catering to industry needs, we are well suited to manage the entire lifecycle of a solar power plant from inception to recycling", signs off Prashant Bhurke, Chief Catalyst & MD, Voltamp Solar Panacea Private Limited.