VOXCOACH: The one-stop-shop for online & offline professional vocal techniques training for singers and voice artists

Divya R. Tadimeti,FounderVOXCOACH is a comprehend sive voice training and coaching venture for singing, voice art, and speech. Founded by Divya R. Tadimeti, the platform offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of vocal training for singing and voice art, targeted short-term training for formats that are out-side the ambit of their full courses, and voice therapy which is offered based on the immediate requirement of the client as a means to alleviate vocal trauma and other medical issues.

As a highlight, their coaching is complemented with Voice Science. This aids in the meaningful application of taught exercises and regimens. Facilitation is done with the view of using voice exercises as tools that will fix specific issues, and can easily be applied to any language and style. Coaching is conducted online, offline or a mix of both based on the mutual decision with the students.

The clients and students have the advantage of being provided with immediate remedies and answers to their voice related problems. The in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with voice exercises, voice science, and its application to various vocal styles of singing and speech, are unarguable strengths of the company. Recently, the VoxCoach app was released on Google Playstore which has subscription-based material that showcases deep insights gathered from years of training people from different walks of life.
Leading by Passion
The Bangalore-based entrepreneur's journey was triggered by her inner knowing and her faith in this knowing. Divya R.T. always followed her heart with a balanced intervention of mind. VOXCOACH happened after a lot of work stints in the education field- and her passionate pursuit of music and singing-which progressively landed led her to where she is today. From a chemistry lecturer at Mount Carmel College to becoming a singer and vocal coach, she followed her passion and desire.

Leveraging digital benefits, VOXCOACH is serving students of several countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, the USA, China, and others.

Divya R.T. Shares the Inception Story
I've had immense love for music, specifically singing. A few years ago, I feverishly wanted to re-pursue singing but was being offered courses with the mandate of the basics of music that I already knew. I wanted pure voice training to improve my singing capabilities. After google searching this concept for a while, I came across Eric Arceneaux's videos on vocal warm-up, on Youtube. That's where my journey towards becoming a vocal coach began. My voice started improving and developing longevity.

I was in high spirits, singing all the time, and would share videos about my experiences on social media. At this point, an ex-chemistry student asked me to teach her these exercises. Without further ado, I put my coursework framing, and course and assessment design skills to good use to make my very first course and named my venture VOXCOACH. Although the offline mode is most preferred, an online option of coaching is a blessing in this day and age; people who cannot afford to make it in person are happy to opt for the online mode.

In 2017, I was a project head at Shankar Mahadevan Academy, for an education audit, and learned about the company that the CEO & Founder, Mr. Sridhar Rangana-than also runs alongside, called CloodOn Pvt Ltd. which is a platform with CMS and LMS.

It seemed apt for me to start running my online classes and this has especially been a blessing during the last year with the lockdown. Incidentally, Sridhar Ranganathan- CEO & Founder, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, and CloodOn Pvt Ltd, and Eric Arceneaux- Vocal Coach, Founder of AApproach and Creator of AApproach Vocal Training Method, are our advisors.