Vpharmacist: Quality Delivered at Low Cost

 Tamilvendan Rajaraman,   CEOThe changing time has made every thing available at our doorsteps. Along with various delivery services like food, gifts and others, delivering medicines is has become a necessity in recent times. Today, most of the retail pharmacy outlets are unable to cater to all the medical needs of the. Along with that, the healthcare sector is cluttered with many people who are selling a lot of fake drugs and low-quality products. Tamilvendan Rajaraman who comes with over 20 years of experience in pharma retail, took note of this prevailing contingency, observed the retail space and analyzed the limitations. With a deep understanding of patients' requirements, he put forth his insights in designing business strategies and service model to make pharmacists reach patients across the country and provide them with medicines on time with ease and minimal cost. This led to the establishment of Vpharmacist An e-pharmacy platform that has simplified the medication management portal with convenient packaging and personalized service with the use of modern technology.

The company is focused to dispense prescribed medicines at the patient’s doorsteps. “We address chronic patients and serve their planned regular medications. We don’t engage any courier service to offer the
services. The drugs are dispensed by a team of registered pharmacists and they help the patients in understanding contra indications, dosage details and so on. This differentiated approach has resulted in high customer retention,” says Tamilvendan Rajaraman, CEO.

Harnessing the benefits of technology and sourcing, Vpharmacist removes the layers of cost between the manufacturers and the customers

Uplifting the quality in the offerings, the team ensures to maintain the desired temperature using cold box, until the drugs are delivered as the medicines may lose potency. Harnessing the benefits of technology and sourcing Vpharmacist removes the layers of cost between the manufacturers and the customers. Thereby, removes substantial overhead costs of traditional retail pharmacy chains. The team precisely works on how to keep the cost minimal which would be a vast saving for the customers. “Our team has the pride of providing the highest quality of care when customers need it most. While offering transparency and price effectiveness the orders are verified by the experts. With all these attributes, Vpharmacist is recognized as a leading consumer health online platform in Tamilnadu.

The Journey
Vpharmacist began the journey with an awareness of public service wherein all consumers experience the best service at the best price. Since its inception, it has significantly grown in the market. The company’s financial and other key operational metrics stand distinct & superior in the landscape. “We commenced our operations in Chennai and have expanded our services to three towns in TN with Point of Sale presence. Irrespective of the location, be it city or town or rural area, we dispense the medicines through a team of pharmacists to ensure the desired service levels,” he informs.

Days Ahead
The company is looking forward to marking its presence in 15 towns in the next six months. It has also planned to expand operations in 50 towns of Tamilnadu apart from commencing operations in nine more States. “We have recently roped in our first strategic investor, who adds significant value in our business strategy and operations. We have also initiated discussions on the next round of funding,” he concludes.