Vrindaam Organics: A Brand Renowned for Authenticity

  Ashok Chowdhary,    FounderAroma Therapy is gaining traction globally and its rising demand is attributed to the consumer preference for natural products and premium preferences. The market for essential oils is rising as a result of consumers' preference for natural essential oil constituents. India's essential oil market was estimated to be worth USD 149.63 million in 2020 and is anticipated to expand to USD 239.85 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 6.97 percent from 2021 to 2028. Due to their numerous uses and functions, there is an increase in the demand for essential oils. Looking at the opportunities within this profit-making sector, various firms have entered into this domain. Being established in 2017, Vrindaam Organics, headquartered in Dehradun is one the leading companies in this sector. Vrindaam’s products are completely natural and cruelty-free, with the majority of their ingredients being plant derivatives.

A variety of issues relating to the usability of the items are being confronted by the customers. These days, people have higher demands for more customized Ayurvedic, and chemical-free products. Vrindaam is fully geared up to develop and present specific Authentic Ayurvedic products to meet the requirements of consumers and their expectations. Vrindaam is the pioneer in developing and offering products based on pristine essential oils, which can help the body to resolve many of the health challenges it faces. Vrindaam Authentic Ayurveda products boost the mind-body-soul link to improve overall wellness.
The company is providing a wide range of services and products based on research done on the history of ayurvedic importance and wellness. “We have harnessed the functional benefits of essential oils and aroma therapy and have transmitted ethnic perfumes to the wellness and self-care category. We have also integrated beauty and skin care products within the wellness category with aroma therapy as the essential component. We provide products under different categories of therapeutic, pure essential oils, aromatic, skin care products, and many more. The natural elements of Mother Earth, specifically pristine essential oil, help resolve many of the health and lifestyle challenges we face, such as insomnia, headache, body pain, cold, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and low immunity”, says Ashok Chowdhary, Founder, Vrindaam Organics.

The company is providing a wide range of services & products based on research done on the history of ayurvedic importance & wellness

After thirty years as an entrepreneur, CEO of an Indian corporation, and an international business advisor to corporations in India and abroad, Ashok Chowdhary, the company's founder, moved to Uttarakhand's Ganga riverbanks. There, while residing in an ashram and engaging with Ayurvedic Gurus and Doctors, he came to understand the significance of Essential Oils and the function they can have in a person's life. Hence, the origin of Vrindaam took place in this way. Everyone at the firm, from the CEO and down, knows what the company's ultimate goals are and has been given the tools they need to assist get there. The experts have extensive knowledge of Essential Oils and Ayurveda, and they create products based on ancient knowledge for the benefit of customers. Employees with sufficient service time and demonstrated commitment to the company are eligible to get ESOP shares. The products were recognized & used by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Future Roadmap
Vrindaam Organics is growing both its network and its commitments inside the industry. The only mission of Vrindaam is to distribute to the rest of the world authentic Ayurvedic goods that promote wellness. It does this by capitalizing on the vast ancient knowledge that is available and by harnessing it. It aspires to become the market leader in the category of Essential Oils that are used to promote overall well-being by bringing about perfect harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.The company is providing a wide range of services & products based on research done on the history of ayurvedic importance & wellness.