VRMX Concrete: Pride & Passion at Right Mix

K. Alvin, K. Ayyappan, S. Ramakrishnan and R.S. Rajkumar, Founders Alvin,Director – Operations & Quality

K. Alvin

Director – Operations & Quality

Chennai-based VRMX Concrete India is best defined as an established group venturing into Ready-Mix concrete manufacturing units with a team of professionals who bring in 75 years of combined experience in this business from leading corporate houses in India.
At present, VRMX has five commercial plants, one captive cum commercial, and two captive plants in Chennai. “We offer end to end solutions for clients right from inviting them for trials, conducting trials to witnessing the quality of material we buy. Transparency of our production system and supplying the concrete as per the agreed standards is a testimony to the quality work we deliver and our timely deliveries. We have five boom pumps in Chennai which is the crux of our services,” says Alvin, Director – Operations, VRMX.

The Beginning of the Journey
The brains behind VRMX are K.Alvin, K.Ayyappan, S.Ramakrishnan and R.S. Rajkumar. Currently serving as the directors at VRMX, they were formerly working with one of the top corporates for ready mix in India. “As we have been in the same industry for almost 18 years and knew the market well, one fine day we thought to start our
own company. Similarly, Arumugaswmy who has invested mainly on mining and crushers wanted a solid corporate to promote the byproducts which is one of the major raw material for Ready mix concrete. This common idea of all resulted in forming this VRMX Concrete,” he explicates.

VRMX came into being at a time when there was political instability in Chennai. Also, the construction industry was not quite lucrative. The team kept its standard high and focused on setting up a strong foothold in the market. “We mostly segmented our customers which primarily consisted of prestigious projects like Airport, IIT, IT Parks, Infra projects and associated with prestigious and reputed builders who focused on quality. To get more exposure, we spread our wings in Chennai with around six commercial plants across the city,” he explicates.

Eventually, things fell into place. The company managed to form a competent team and since then there was no looking back. “Today, we have 100s of engineers waiting for an opportunity to get associated with the name. We have spent much on IT systems like ERP for the total business module, Payroll and appraisal through a different software system,” he asserts.

VRMX is fully equipped with quality automated machinery, capable technicians and customer service team

An Edge over Others
As a concrete solution provider, VRMX stands out in the crowd. “Service is a simple word but we term it as support. Our quality team is headed by the best of professionals in this industry. We have a R&D Centre in Chennai for any builders or contractor to gain any knowledge about RMC. This R&D Centre is headed by our R&D head who has been in this industry over a decade.”

VRMX is fully equipped with quality automated machinery, capable technicians and customer service team. It is responsible in committing to turn ideas into reality in the most efficient way. “Our multi-location presence combined with our diverse skill sets enables us to effectively cater to the needs of our customers. We are proud of our past and passionate about our future and look forward to continuing our success alongside each of our business partners,” he concludes.