Vserv Infosystems: Leaving No Lose Ends In Data Center Services

Sajid Ahmed ,CEOWith organizations relying on Information Technology (IT) now more than ever to support their business, flexibility in IT infrastructure climbs up the priority list of such organizations. Forever changing business environments catalyzed by various complex demands, force the firms to deliver their services at all costs via any means in order to stay relevant in the cut throat competition. Helping businesses to stay abreast with the current market trends, customer demands and challenges, while delivering data center managed services, Vserv has uniquely defined the overall services model designed to deliver flexibility and agility to customers.

Based out of a town called Gautam Budh Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, Vserv Infosystems Private Limited can propose the best fit model for the different sizes of industries. Additionally, Vserv has also given the flexibility to customers to pick and choose any delivery model which best suits their needs. Delivery models include dedicated onsite support, dedicated offshore support, shared remote support, dedicated onsite and shared offshore support.

Vserv proposes various flexible cost models ranging from Time and material to fixed price to unit based models. To cater to the increasing and decreasing demands of the customer, Vserv also has a model of additional resource count (ARC) or reduced resource count (RRC) without changing the contract. Vserv also works on One time projects for different customers which ranges from data center build to branch roll outs.

Among its multi facet services, Vserv offers everything associated with the erections of data centers.

Datacenter Planning and Readiness Services:Datacenter Planning and Readiness Services is executed through a five step approach – Strategize and Plan, Architect Solution, Select Solution, Build Environment, and Operate & Evolve. Vserv leverages the industry best practices, it’s partner alliances, toolsets and it’s program management framework to fast track and have a seamless execution

Cloud advisory and managed services:Cloud offering leverages Assessment Framework,
Tools that help in identification of Candidate applications, Migration Toolkits that help cloud adoption easier for customers and providing managed services for different types of public, private, hybrid and multi cloud.

Datacenter Migration and Consolidation:This capability includes executing activities such as Physical Datacenter build out, Server Consolidation & Virtualization, Application Migration & consolidation, Storage network migration & Consolidation and Infrastructure Management & Support Framework Data center Managed services: Vserv offers support services across the data center domains like Server management, storage and backup management, Mail messaging, Database management, Network and security management.

DR BCP:Vserv also serves Disaster recovery and Business Continuity management services to different customers as per the requirement of RTO and RPO.

Keeping Pace with Customer Demands and Setting Benchmarks
Vserv brings in the differentiation by working as a partner rather than a vendor to any customer. Vserv proactively provides inputs to the customers over the changing business dynamics in the market. In its time operating in the data center market, Vserv has developed capabilities to address the ever-changing technology required for growth.

Vserv proposes various flexible cost models ranging from time and material to fixed price to unit based models

The firm has showcased development of an adaptable and scalable operational model, demonstrable improvement in KPI’s, Achievable improvement in MTTR without compromising TCO. All of this has set Vserv on its trajectory of becoming the preferred Partner of Choice for forward looking customers.

Vserv with it capabilities built over the years has been supporting some of the Fortune 500 (Top- 5) Organizations. The firm has delivered its services to some of the Top Banks’ Data Centers. Vserv is arguably the Preferred Partner to Top OEM’s and SI’s of the World. Its customers range from Government Institutions to Top Corporates across the globe.

“We thank all our Employees who have worked hard and helped the organization to achieve the current heights. We are having a huge plan ahead and together we will work to achieve it”, says Sajid Ahmed, CEO, Vserv Infosystems.

Talking about the future endeavors of Vserv, Sajid explains that in this ever changing world, there are many new technologies which have disrupted the global markets like Hyper Converged Infrastructure, SD WAN, XaaS, DevOps, Kubernetes, Dockers, and Containers, which are strengthening its grip in the Indian markets. He enlightens that customers today want to move away from licensed databases to open source databases, a technology which Vserv has already started working. This new venture involves a few labs set up for providing Vserv’s resources with a glimpse of the future environment that they would have to support.

The organization is also working on making its service futuristic while introducing customer specific induction center where Vserv employees would be trained on customer environment, or assessing the delivery through the services Vserv provides, or having quality team work with customers in parallel to the delivery team to assess the overall services. There are multiple new areas where Vserv is already engaged and has all bases covered to launch solutions in the near future.