Vuenow: Bringing the Power of Data Centers to Your Doorstep

Sukhwinder Singh Kharour ,  Founder & CEOThe Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized how individuals interact with technology. From wearables and smart homes to connected cars and medical devices, users in today's hyperconnected world generate data at an unprecedented scale. However, this massive influx has also posed challenges for traditional data centers, which mostly struggle to handle the sheer volume and speed of such data. That is where VUENOW Infotech comes in, with its innovative solution of containerized Edge data centers.

As an IT Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) provider, VUENOW specializes in designing, building, and operating cloud-enabled Edge data centers, and provides network management and colocation services. VUENOW’s prefabricated, decentralized Edge data centers, built within 40x10 feet specially designed containers, comprise all components required for an operational data center. This unique approach to data center design sets VUENOW apart as a pioneer in the industry.

“Emerging tech like 5G, IoT, autonomous vehicles, critical health care services, and BFSI need realtime data processing with low latency while Distance and hops between cloud resources and IP-connected devices result in delays, posing challenges”, explains Sukhwinder Singh Kharour, Founder & CEO of VUENOW Group.By placin g Edge data centers near the end user, VUENOW solves this problem. Consequently, VUENOW enables data processing close to the data origin, reducing latency, improving performance and making
devices more reliable with near realtime data processing.

"Installing Edge data centers at the bases of 5G towers can help improve localized service and potentially enable consumers to switch to 5G network for entertainment needs", mentions Sukhwinder. Self-driving vehicles can leverage nearest Edge data centers to receive realtime traffic information and emergency warnings, while connected with centralized servers for application updates and maintenance scheduling. He further says, “Edge data centers will make remote surgeries possible too. These need many precise commands and control with zero latency and only the EDCs can serve this purpose”.

VUENOW’s Edge data centers are prefabricated, decentralized facilities built within 40x10 feet specially designed containers with all components required for an operational data center

VEUNOW’s Edge data centers are highly secure, with robust security measures, including GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance to ensure user data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability allow the company to fulfill customers’ specific needs and provide tailored solutions. As a result, VUENOW's Edge data centers can also operate in remote and environmentally challenging locations where traditional data centers lose feasibility. These energy efficient prefabricated data centers are designed using renewable energy, advanced cooling systems, and LED lighting help reduce carbon footprint. “VUENOW is committed to sustainability and continuously works towards reducing its environmental impact. Simultaneously, by actively collaborating with local businesses, governments, and communities, we are creating opportunities for economic development and employment,” adds Sukhwinder.

Founded in 2019 under the visionary leadership of Sukhwinder Singh, VUENOW with its brands Linnunrata, Nube Grande and Kalki Now, has been rapidly growing and collaborated with state governments. Under Linnunrata and Nube Grande company works with private partnerships while Kalki Now is collaborating with state governments. In 2022, VUENOW signed an MoU with the UP government for setting up 750 Edge data centers at an estimated investment of $1.63B, an MoU with the HP government for 31 locations, and working with Govt.of Goa also. With plans for global expansion, VUENOW is constructing a 100 rack data center in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and six 8-rack Data centers at various locations across Bulgaria.

“We intend to become a preeminent player in the digital infrastructure space by building a network of 32 Tier 4 data centers of 1000 racks each and a parallel network of more than 1500 Edge data centers across India”, concludes Sukhwinder.