Vyaghri: Handpicked and Affordable Collections of Women's Ethnic Wear

Saurav Singh,FounderIndian garment industry has carved out a niche in the global markets and earned global repute for its durability, quality and fashion quotient. The growing fondness for Indian traditional and Indo-western clothing adorning the richness of Indian cultural legacy and artistry among millennials is adding to the gradual development of the industry, making India one of the major exporters of women's ethnic clothing across the globe.

However, due to less online exposure and lack of avid exploration through the fabric of Indian culture, the Indian traditional outfits took the backseat in the e-commerce era. The Indian market seemed to overlook the potential possibility in not-much explored domain of Indian ethnic wear due to insufficient number of home grown traditional clothing producers knowing the value of such incredible heritage. The brands offering women's traditional clothing of exquisite design and style are mostly expensive.

This is where Vyaghri has marked its presence by reviving and recreating the aura of Indian traditional wear by bringing in collections of women's ethnic wear through acute cultural amalgamation and has taken these creations to e-commerce plat-form while maintaining price competitiveness. Since the beginning of Vyaghri's journey in 2020, it offers exclusive and handpicked collection of Kurtis, Suit sets and Indo-
Western dresses that are deeply mingled with the roots of India, celebrating the beauty and grandeur of womanhood.

Quality Assurance
Vyaghri offers a plethora of styles, exceptionally tailored and hand-crafted for every occasion. They have come up with a diverse range of kurtis, suit sets and fusion outfits suitable from office to ceremonial needs. Vyaghri has developed ecommerce website as well that provides all facilities to the customers based on tracking of order to online payments and even cash on delivery. They also offer an EMI option to customers with zero interest charges which enable customers to increase the cart value and make the payment process a bit more convenient.

The well managed supply chain helps them win an edge over the competition. The facilities such as the use of bar-coding in logistics systems, EDI for communicating between partners, visibility into the operations, tracking and tracing of the goods at any given point let the enterprise roll smoothly. The extremely meticulous handpicking procedure of each and every piece makes Vyaghri stand out in the market. Vyaghri sources the best artisans and crafts from all over India in order to create best designs and delivers in affordable price. This is where the uniqueness of Vyaghri lies.

The extremely meticulous handpicking procedure of each and every piece makes Vyaghri stand out in the market

A native of Kolkata, Saurav Singh was always fascinated by the magical qualities of Indian culture, elegance, and artistry. Inherently curious he began asking himself why such a remarkable art was virtually absent in the fashion and clothing industry. And with that spirit of wonder Vyaghri's journey began. After months of research and tinkering, he is now defining an entirely new mantra to mix Indian elegance and artistry with fashion style to create a new category of fashion. Being creative from childhood, his pencil drawing and doodles have now turned into his passion. Through Vyaghri, he shares his mission to promote our roots with Indian values.

Future Roadmap
Saurav Singh, Founder of Vyaghri states, "We are eyeing the market outside India, and looking to raise Vyaghri's first round of funding very soon. With an influx of funds, Vyaghri will look at venturing out into bridal wear and physical stores and look at very bright markets outside of India to invite NRIs to shop from a Desi ecommerce platform".