Vytal: Comprehensive Health record based Personal Health Analytics Platform

[L-R] Dr Gouri Gore & Gunjan Jain, (Co-Founders) ,&Lakshmi Vedanarayanan, (Technology Head)

[L-R] Dr Gouri Gore & Gunjan Jain, (Co-Founders)

&Lakshmi Vedanarayanan, (Technology Head)

Dr Gouri Gore was in practice as an Obstetrician & Gynecologist with a steady flow of work. However, a constant thought to practice much more seamless and convenient healthcare nudged her mind and she began searching for digital health products. She received several signup requests and countless phone calls from various doctor listing sites, second opinion portals, wellness companies and online consultation services. But her interest was towards developing a product that could manage her existing patients effectively and help her connect with them in a secure way throughout their treatment period. This was followed by her meeting with Gunjan Jain – who was then heading presales for South Asia region with Oracle’s Health Sciences division, which turned out to be a turning point. She being a senior person in the health sciences industry understood and perceived the need to change the way the healthcare sector was being handled. With her over 14 years of experience with technology giants such as PwC, IBM and Oracle, she could provide the right backdrop for developing
a focused scientific solution tailor-made for Indian doctors. Both of them then decided to collaborate technology, experience in both fields to fill up the lacunae in digital healthcare in India. Driven by the motivation to challenge the status quo, Gunjan quit her cushy high flying job and together they founded Vytal Healthtech with a mission to develop a solution which will join the three cornerstones of healthcare: Patient, Doctor and Healthcare establishments.

"Vytal is investing in developing Medical Specialty specific Electronic Medical Records and Practice analytics to help doctors convert raw data into actionable insights"

“We believe that Doctors could be the real change agents to solve this. Vytal's digital platforms are helping doctors manage their practices, data, prescriptions - in the process encouraging them to create medical records and generating Health Insights,” speaks Dr Gouri.

Team Vytal has a thorough insight about changing practices and upcoming technology and blends both to make a perfect solution for Indian needs.“We have general solutions for patient engagement, a mobile app for the patients and we also offer niche specialty products with EMR and transcription solutions,” says Gunjan Jain, CEO, Vytal Healthtech. The company is scheduled to launch EMR solutions for specialties such as top 10 solid cancer tumours and chronic respiratory illness soon to enable specialists to serve more patient and deliver better quality while gaining deeper health insights about individuals and

Ensuring the best ways to manage health, the company has designed an app that acts as a personal health manager primarily catering to families, patients with chronic illness, Indian medical specialists especially Oncologists, Pulmonologists, Gynecologists with private practice and Pharmaceuticals Medical Affairs and Marketing divisions.

The Silver Lining
Incubated at Society of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – IIT Bombay, Vytal is funded and mentored by Oncology Care Associates – a team of 10 leading Mumbai based Oncologists. Vytal develops its strategy and go to market approach in consultation with mentors from SINE IITB and leading Medical Specialists in the area of Pulmonology, Oncology, Internal Medicine and Women Health. The company is gaining traction in India and working towards gaining a foothold in the South Africa market. A European Pharma company has recently collaborated with Vytal as a knowledge partner for 5000 doctors across India.

In mid to long term, team Vytal intends to emerge as the most advanced real -world evidence platform for various healthcare needs of the Indian population. With this objective, Vytal is investing in developing Medical Specialty specific Electronic Medical Records and Practice analytics to help doctors convert raw data into actionable insights. To further support specialists, Vytal is working towards adding medical knowledge and recent advances through journals/ publications and collaboration with specialty content providers.