Walnut Security Services: Revolutionizing Cyber Security Via Boutique Consulting

Nirav Patel,  Director

Nirav Patel


The alarming rise in online security breaches in the past few years has obligated organizations to keep infrastructure and application safe from cyber threats. Despite the benefits of novel security technology, enterprises remain unwilling to implement them. The issue is a lack of standard tools and in-house expertise, which impedes successful operations. With the increase in data breaches and cyber-attacks, the need for cyber security should be highly emphasized at all levels within an organization.

Walnut Security Services is on a mission to help organizations secure their business against cybercriminals. Having been in the cyber security services for over years, the company is at the forefront of consulting, advising, and supporting organizations to make their application or infrastructure more secure than ever before. “Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the security posture of their applications or infrastructure, ensuring continuity and sustainably maximum value,” Nirav Patel, Director of Walnut Security.

The team at Walnut Security Services begins the service by evaluating and analyzing customer’s business environment to identify loopholes from where malicious attackers can infiltrate internal resources. Oftentimes, businesses miss these loopholes during internal testing as they are focused on their core mission and lack time and resources for testing applications and infrastructures.

Walnut Security allocates specific security professionals for a particular task therefore they can study and gain an in-depth knowledge of the in-scope client’s assets. Then, subsequently, deliver suitable and sustainable solutions and services.

Walnut Security Services provide its clients with a wide range of cyber security services with highly successful outcomes. This includes everything from Web Application penetration testing to mobile application penetration testing, Infrastructure penetration testing, secure source code review, Security
Operation Centre (SOC) management, cloud platform penetration testing (Google Cloud, AWS & Azure), API penetration testing, red Team Engagement, network penetration testing, and container secure review.

To discover security problems and ensure that all vulnerabilities are covered during the security assessment process, the company uses the most recent OWASP Top 10 and our own approach. When it comes to Android application penetration testing, they offer real-time testing of android applications from a security standpoint, to uncover security issues in an application. To secure code, the company’s specialized task force performs a manual and/or automated review of an application’s source code in order to identify security-related flaws in the code.

Walnut’s SOC management experts have a well-rounded knowledge on how to protect systems from cyber threats by continuously monitoring. The SOC management actively identifies, investigates, and counters any cyber attack. The company is also involved in discovering, configuring, and providing actionable recommendations to improve clients’ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security posture using its penetration testing service.

Walnut Security Services credits its success to its highly-skilled team that is committed to learning new cyber attacks and identifying ways to secure it. The cyber security experts are regarded as the pillars for providing quality aided penetration testing services.

Walnut Security Services comprises different levels of professionals ranging from cyber security professionals, application developers, to the marketing teams, each having their own separate department for various specific tasks allocated to them. The cyber security teams handle the different tasks from offensive security like penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, secure source code review, etc. to even the blue team responsibilities like risk management, security operation management, and so on.

The highquality services in cyber security and never compromise attitude is what makes the company better than competitors. The company also has adopted a unique pricing model for all its clients. “We deliver HIPAA Compliance to ensure your customers are promised privacy. Our compliance report saves businesses from sensitive PHI loss and violation fines,” states Nirav.

With the rapid evolution of technology, staying on top of the league is frequently impossible, as technological landscapes change at a quick speed. It is critical to adapt and evolve to the changes that technology brings in order to maintain business continuity. The company recognizes the dire need for cyber security solutions and is working hard to deliver best services in the market. With advanced code reviews, penetration testing, and other services, the company has carved a niche in the cyber security industry.