Waste Management Services (WMS): Turning Today's Waste into Tomorrow's Sustainable Resources

Vinay Kumar Mantri,  FounderWaste management has been a global concern in recent years. Waste is commonly generated in homes, factories, building sites, refineries, and nuclear power plants. Consumption patterns are shifting as the population grows. Along with the advancement in lifestyle, it has brought grave environmental challenges. If garbage is not adequately handled, it can have major consequences for human health and the environment. As a result, people and businesses must understand the significance of trash management.

Understanding this severity, Waste Management Services(WMS)offers a one-stop, compliance supported Waste Management Service for any facility's many waste streams. WMS has legal agreements with registered recyclers and is thus able to connect all recycling sources from respective facilities. With PAN India Reverse Logistics support, the organization has been very successful in assisting MNCs and corporates with trash disposal.

"Companies benefit from 'Ease of Business' when they don't have to search for various vendors. WMS excels in providing solutions under one roof. We have carved a niche for ourselves across every industry in a short time of one year since we know and have needed experience with numerous compliances and solutions in all aspects of waste management” says Vinay Kumar Mantri, Founder, WMS.

"Every day, our beliefs guide us to perform with honesty and integrity. Our concern for the environment and future generations keeps us steadfast in our commitment to recycling. We ensure that our clients are compliant, which is something that many recyclers want to avoid. We use a multi vendor method that is transparent at every stage of the process. We also communicate with the informal industry and maintain a formal/professional relationship with vendors”. he adds.

Single Window Solution
Today, WMS has been successfully offering value driven services to various industries which include E-Waste Management (EPR Services), Plastic Waste Management (EPR Services), Used Lead acid Batteries Recycling (EPR Services), Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling, Scrap Disposal, Used Paper Disposal, Dismantling of offices (Bare shell office premises), ESG and Sustainability Services.

Our concern for the environment & future Generations keeps us steadfast in our commitment to recycling

"We provide services to our clients through CMS-based tools. Although waste management is an industry that requires more handson experience than technology, we assist our recyclers in improving their processes by utilizing new technology that is available on the market”, highlights Vinay.

The majority of garbage recycling organizations specialize and are experts in their respective sectors and segments. WMS, on the other hand, has partnerships with multiple recyclers who are experts in each aspect of recycling to provide clients with full waste management solutions and 100 percent compliance assistance across the country. Today, waste management is more than merely recycling various types of waste. It comprises assuring compliance, adhering to rules and regulations, completing thorough documentation, and engaging in various forms of CSR. WMS assists each firm throughout every aspect of the recycling process, saving them a significant amount of time, money, and energy.

WMS strives to be one of the leading names in the field of compliance-led waste recycling and management in the future. WMS, in my opinion, excels in connecting the informal and formal sectors of the Indian economy through its services a true 'Make-in-India' package.