Watsonite: Providing Resilient Staff Augmentation Services to Meet the Dynamic Needs of Business

Sreelij Sreedharan,  Vice President

Sreelij Sreedharan

Vice President

Contract staffing services have become quite popular in India, over the recent few years as domestic and multinational corporations have started outsourcing recruitment through staffing businesses to hire the best people for a job, whether full time or temporary. Evolving market conditions and technological advancements forced businesses to be proactive in preparing their talent pool or trained resources to fulfill work expectations, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. This is why contract employment in India is becoming a more crucial partner to corporations in satisfying their talent demands.

Watsonite Systems is a Wenger & Watson IT services and staffing division that specializes in mid-level and senior hiring across many areas. As a part of, Wenger & Watson, a corporation that serves the majority of Fortune 500 companies with project delivery and staffing needs, Watsonite performed contract staffing for almost 20 years and then decided to establish itself as a separate entity in 2017 to become a staff augmentation or contract staffing agency with 100 percent compliance. Watsonite ensures to give the best technical, professional, and management services according to the needs and specifications of the client's projects. “The goal of our firm is to support a select group of our clients to onboard Key Hires, who would contribute substantially to the long term growth of the organization” speaks Sreelij Sreedharan, VP, Watsonite.

The firm's main objective is to satisfy its clients, by finding the best talents that are qualified to produce the best results, can scale up or down as needed per the project's
requirements, and meet the changing demands of the company. Watsonite sets itself apart from other recruiters who merely conduct portal searches by not restricting its outreach to active job seekers but instead making sure to contact prospects who are immediately available for joining. This allows the company to have a conversion rate from offer to joining ratio of between 85 and 90 percent. "We do not work with our customers as a vendor but as a partner. We can proudly say that we are a 100 percent complaint company. These are some of the aspects which make it advantageous for companies to partner with us in solving their recruitment challenges," says Harish Kumar M., Founder & Managing Director Watsonite.

We do not work with our customers as a vendor but as a partner

Managed IT services, staff augmentation, Master Service Providers (MSP), Strategic Staffing Program(SSP), payroll, and hire, train, and deploy are among the services that Watsonite offers. "Recruitment is what we have been doing for decades and our valued customers have been motivating us to do more and serve them as a One Stop solution for all their critical needs. Their faith in us has helped us to widen our wings into different modes of recruitment”, speaks Munish Malhotra & Niresh Account Managers. The firm has separate management and leadership teams involved in daily reviews to comprehend how Watsonite is enhancing the clients' experiences and resolving their hiring related problems. The firm's clientele includes 50+ large enterprises, including Fortune 500 businesses, in technology, products, retail, e-Commerce, and other niches.

Watsonite revenue and headcount have increased by 50 percent annually and are now operating in all of India's major cities. "We have plans to establish offices in South Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and more. We are also looking forward to making significant progress in the area of IT initiatives along with staff augmentation. We hope to see Watsonite become one of the fastest-growing IT services and staffing companies”, concludes Arun Jagadeesh ­ AVP for Sales & Business Development, and Sangeetha Raghav- Senior Management/Customer relation Services.