Way2Grow: Implementing Hydroponics to Transform Ordinary Places into Living-Growing Spaces

Ramesh G,Managing Director

Ramesh G

Managing Director

Today, nothing can be as space-saving as Hydroponics. When you set out to garden, you need plenty of space for placing seedlings and for every phase of growing your plants. It's different when you're performing Hydroponics. Advantages for Hydroponics are colossal like farming without water wastage or soil-climate support initiating productions of zero pesticides. Hydroponics practitioners have total control over the nutrients required by the plant at each step leading to a successful growth rate. Fortunately, Ramesh G and Anto – Founders of Way2grow came to know about the advantages offered by Hydroponics farming in the third year of bachelor's degree in 2018.

In further research, both became aware of the various benefits and market opportunities for such kind of irrigation. With a vision to cash on this opportunity, they establish Way2GrowAgTech, a firm optimizing the growing system with their data-driven technology for increasing not only the harvest cycles and but also the quality.

Anto Irudhayaraj, Founder

Ramesh and Anto on further research observed that Hydroponics technology needed more engineering and design framework to increase food production at least by 70 percent. It is when the team
ventured in SmartGroo - an energy water-efficient, fully automated and optimized system to grow its leafy greens. These are equipped with all sensors and tools necessary for plant growth, thus taking care of the hardest parts of farming. It is connected to IoT so anyone can monitor 24/7 from their smartphone.

Way2GrowA also has a local vertical farm in Chennai, which is entirely automated, and the founding team is also working on analytics to increase crop production, quality. The ultimate goal of local farms is to supply quality greens and to reduce the carbon footprint. It was in 2018 when market experts predicted Hydroponics farming to register a growth of 6.5 percent by 2023. Since then, Hydroponics has been an incredible technology for the agriculture sector.

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of the greenhouse-grown vegetables' superior quality, the demand for Hydroponics has been emerging in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The types of plants Hydroponics farming can produce at present are tomato, almost all varieties of leafy vegetables like cucurbits and lettuce, peppers, and more.

Way2GrowAgTech is a firm optimizing the growing system with their data-driven technology for increasing not only the harvest cycles and but also the quality

Incorporated in early 2020, MaDeIT Innovation Foundation, Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, MABIF (Madurai Agri-Business Incubation Forum), Tamil Nadu Agricultural College have helped Way2Grow achieve premium status in a short period. MABIF provides Way2Grow with assistance in networking; MaDeIT refines the business model and product development.

"We delivered our local grown produce to malls. All of our customers were happy and reviewed as "It's so fresh and clean,"" says Ramesh.

He further adds, "There is a possibility to raise a seed fund in the upcoming month for which we have tested our greens in restaurants. Based on the results, entering the market within two to three months is what we have marked in the calendar," concludes Ramesh.