Wayinia: Lifesciences OPC Adding Years to Life

Rajan Chaudhary & Ingvild Soenstegaard,Co-FoundersIndian healthcare discipline at this day and age is grabbing the attention of innovators. Many have endeavoured to make medical care get at able and affordable for the population. However, pathfinders are now on their mission to make India a front runner in the industry, developing it into a global healthcare hub by leveraging the power of technology and futuristic methodologies. This new wave of revolution is not facilitated the patients but it has also opened the doors for every medical practitioners.

This neoteric innovations taking place within the healthcare ecosystem fascinated two bright sparks Rajan Chaudhary and Ingvild Soenstegaard Chaudhary to an extent that they proposed to bring out innovative products and therapies which have the ability of helping patients add years to life and assist medical centres with first rate accoutrements as well as remedial treatments. To give shape end in view they laid the foundation of Wayinia Lifesciences, a global healthcare company deliberating to bring innovation & technology from the world to the Indian healthcare system to upgrade millions of lives and add years to their happiness.

The amount of years they spent in the industry for years have empowered them with substantial aptitude concerning it. Moreover, as they come from two different countries i.e. India and Norway they are very much enlightened about the development taking place in the realmand also about the destitute it endures. Weighing the situation they came up with the idea of portioning out the technological bliss each of the countries have and uplift the healthcare scenario. In short, Wayinia in on a crusade of bringing well developed in India for the well-being of the patients. “I and my wife had the dream of making a significant contribution towards the existing healthcare environment. Since we could distinguish the loopholes prevailing in the Indian healthcare space we wanted to fix them through the latest innovative way. And the best way to do so was make commercialization of these technologies and products more plain sailing,” comments Rajan Chaudhary, Founder, Wayinia Lifesciences.

This husband and wife venture is entirely focused on the extracorporeal therapies which have appeared as a form of benison for people suffering from medical impediments. This method of healing has been widely adopted by countries like Europe for treating serious ailments such as ABOI (Blood group incompatible) transplant to managing the sepsis, removing fluid overload from heart patients, remove high cholesterol and to manage auto immune disease. Wayinia intends to help Indian patients who would benefit from this unique medication. In the similar way, it also envisages to take the medical geniuses to the Scandinavian regions. To which he adds, “It would not be wrong to quote that we have initiated to bring Healthcare, Medtech and Safety companies that provides solutions for a better, safer and healthier life of people.”

Building the Empire
Ranjan has availed his worldliness in constructing the ingenious manpower,putting their best shot in successfully executing and accomplishing the plan of actions of the organization. In order to buoy up the team spirit, he has been maintaining a healthy workplace where each employee has the freedom to put their thoughts and talk trough about it, exchange views before making any conclusive decision.“In Waiyinia we enable every employee balance work and life robustly. Our work-culture bestows full ownership and responsibilities to innovate new ideas, methods or products that would put to rights our impact in the market,” states he.

Apart from all the great contributions, the company is also crafting the finest and up to the minute services that includes Key Account Management, Distribution Channel Management, Clinical Support, Market Assess Services, Competition Mapping, Pricing Strategies and many more. These solutions are framed keeping in mind the objectives of all the companies who intend to make a successful mark in the Indian and international market. In short, Wayinia contemplates to mitigate the space between foreign companies and the Indian healthcare market. “We did not restrict ourselves to just the life science sector. We opted to offer a helping hand and become a go for business partners to all those who are looking for great opportunities in both the national and international platform. We are here administering office representation, product registration, successful commercialization and others activities that enables distributors reach out to the right targeted clients,” he states.

Wayinia’s thought provoking involvement in the development of healthcare sector has earned it acute recognition. And in a very short period of time, it has achieved mightily and witnessed an organic growth. It has successfully reached 300+ physicians and carried out the same amount of transplant. The company has conferred its offerings and reaching out to more than 80 hospitals that
includes Apollo, Manipal Hospital, Max Healthcare, Fortis and others. It is straightened itself across all the major cities of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. “Since Inception, we have been delivering the finest therapies. We have collaborated with partners across nations, grounding our roots all over India. But the best achievements of ours is giving hope to those who have lost one through the latest treatments that we bring to them,” he avers.

Wayinia Is On An Expedition Of Being A Leading Global Healthcare Consulting Firm

Taking the Rough with the Smooth
Although Wayinia is based on a breath taking concept and supervised by dab hands, it had to get to grip with the orderliness in which the established medical institutions functions. Their set of principles made the company wrangle a little in order to set its foot firmly in the marketplace. Still and all, the company formulated strategies to overcome the set of circumstances and emerged well-heeled as well. “The system in which big organization functions is a big trouble for every new entrant. We basically changed procedures say the payment methods as we introduced a shorter term payments. We had always remained true and staunched with our offerings and towards our clientele. Hence the only mantra to confront challenges and become successful is to start small and aim big, rest of the things will fall into place,” he states affirmatively.

What has Wayinia planned for the Upcoming Days!
Mulling over the positive response, Wayinia is all set to launch itself on a grand scale by collaborating with institutions that are not only stellar but are equally pertinent. With this it aims to bring in rarefied medical facilities to disburse top-grade therapies to the Indian patients. “Our constant endeavour will be to bridge the gap between main lands to aggrandize the technological development of the overall healthcare discipline. This will for sure open up new opportunities for the Indian and Scandinavian market,” he concludes.

To put in few words, Wayinia is on an expedition of being a leading global healthcare consulting firm ameliorating the healthcare ecosystem by reciprocating knowledge, innovations and values amongst the India and Scandinavia

Rajan Chaudhary
Spending over two decades as the adviser and consultant in various discipline, Rajan Chaudhary has collimate a master hand over the administering the functionality of business. He has availed his expertise to shape great ventures across the seas, leading them towards an advancing direction. He determined to utilize his knowledge and prowess to
stabilize the precarious nature of the Indian healthcare ecosystem. The visionary in him had always wanted to ameliorate the entire healthcare industry by making trailblazing contribution towards it. He resolute to do so by exchanging the top-notch technological developments taking place in and around the world. As the Founder and Managing Director of Wayinia Lifesciences, he is in true sense helping Indian medical centres provide finest treatment.

Ingvild Soenstegaard Chaudhary
Ingvild Soenstegaard Chaudhary, holds intemperate comprehension about the Medical Industry, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Sales Management and Leadership. Knowing the healthcare industry in and out, she decided on making an innovative move so as to magnify the medicinal remedies and care practised in the present era. She aims to introduce the up to date technology and safety products into the domain in order to ensure the success of the medicaments and append more years to the lives of the patients. Her aspiration took shape through Wayinia Lifesciences, she has carved out a route for India and Norway to smoothen the bartering of strategic advises and operational supports.’

Areas Of Specialization
Clinical Support
Wayinia is emerging as the leader in providing clinical support services to the Indian Sun-continent. The offerings can be listed as Support of phase I-IV drug and device development for pharmaceutical biotechnology, and medical device companies Bioanalytical and Biostatistics, Data management/electronic data capture(EDC), Drug safety, medical affairs and writing, Pharmacovigilance, and more.

India office Representation
A representative office allows companies to evaluate the viability of doing business in India and Wayinia arranges this service.

Key Account Management
Wayinia has implemented a global key account management with the aim of deepening business relations, intensify direct contact and to optimize and simplify business processes.

Market Launch
The company ensures successful market entry in India by conferring its expert advices on the target market, hand-crafted strategies, licenses & Approvals and Exports & Imports.

Pricing Strategy
It brings to the limelight the factors like tangible and intangible costs, supporting the brand reach revenue and market goals.

Distribution Channel Management
Wayinia assists organizations with high impact strategies that meets the necessary and sufficient criteria and creates competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Regulatory Consulting
As a full-service global Regulatory Solutions and Services Provider Wayinia Regulatory services, it renders strategic consulting, marketing authorization application & renewals, end-to-end registrations, periodic safety updates and others.

India Manufacturing Partner Mapping
Wayinia provides specialized services for choosing a manufacturer based on the need after auditing the nature of the company. Its specialities lies on Manufacturing Screening & Mapping, Documentation, Accessing factory Operations and many others.

Market Research
The company give its full attention in sorting out instruments for market research. It offers Quantitative and Qualitative market research, New product Development, Competitive pricing study and research, Brand Equity, Usage and Attitude studies, Primary and secondary research

Exclusive Partnership
Under the exclusive partnership, Wayinia as a local partner is responsible for larger business strategy and operations, marketing and monetization for International companies to strengthen its reach in the Indian market

Market Assess Services
Market Information, Market Segmentation & Market Trends are some of the services Wayinia puts forward to business person who intend to start up a successful enterprise

Market Research
It helps other firms identify possible competitors, market share, products, services, unique value proposition, and other such necessary aspects that help in sketching out the competitiveness in the market.