WaysAheadGlobal: Offering Augmented Analytics Based Scalable Solutions

Rupam Bhattacharjee,    CEOThe augmented analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24% and is estimated to rake in around USD 18 billion during the period from 2021 to 2028. The rising adoption of data analytical tools and advanced AI across industries are the major driving factors for the market growth. In a world of digital technology, the existential functioning of human life depends on producing and collecting data in heaps, with little idea of how to leverage it effectively. Similarly, business startups often face difficulty in adopting advanced technology and infusing it into their existing system, as it is a complex mechanism to establish synchronization across multiple applications and use the data to upscale business.

This is where WaysAheadGlobal ( came into the picture in 2017, to provide AI based business solutions by transforming data into operational upgradation of business. WaysAhead, an analytical solution provider, observes the gap between industry data collation and implementation of them to pursue scalability. They have incorporated data analytics with business intelligence to create seamless industrial systems and marketing operations for the consumers. Headquartered at Singapore, the company revolutionizes the dynamics of augmented analytics to democratize the use of AI and BI

across industries and has enabled the opportunity for entrepreneurial ventures to reach out to the global market.

Range of Services
WaysAhead delivers a comprehensive range of services revolving around data analytics requirements and business upgradation of corporate organizations. With AI based digital transformation, business intelligence services, data integration & governance, robotics process, IOT and analytics on market research, analytics on customer behaviour, VR software solutions, CMS, CRM, digital assessment management and fraud protection, WaysAhead has plethora of data solutions to cater to the consumer’s need of scalability. Another innovation from their data augmenting hub is Video Analytics. WaysAhead has developed an algorithm for Video Analytics based on AI, deep learning and convolutional neural networks that assesses a person’s behaviour pattern with a recorded video of the individual and a questionnaire. WaysAhead is currently operating in Bangalore, Delhi, UAE and Singapore.

We are interested to work with promising startups of India and are in the process of collaborating and investing

Rupam Bhattacharjee, CEO of WaysAheadGlobal states, “When you develop an application, it is bound to generate tons of data as per usage. Currently, we have lakes of data however limited knowledge on what could we mine from this data. We say data is the next oil; however, I would say there is a slight variation. Oil or fossils deplete as we mine, however the amount of data is increasing day by day. There are infinite problems in this world with finite number of people. Precisely we have 7.5 billion people and not all of them are into problem solving. So there is a huge scope created by infinite number of problems. Now we have found a problem that we can solve and we are on it with AI robotics and augmented analytics. We are on a mission of converting 1 million ideas to MVP and beyond, by 2030”.

Prospective vision
Mr. Rupam further states, “We want to help startups across the globe. We are interested to work with promising startups of India and are in the process of collaborating and investing. We have already collaborated with the top university accelerators and incubators in India, Australia and Canada offering them access to the global market”.