Wealth Farmers: A Holistic Platform for All Mutual Fund Investment Needs

Rajiv Bindal, Director

Rajiv Bindal


Delhi-based Wealth Farmers is best defined as an online mutual fund investment platform that provides smooth and hassle free paper less investment experience to individual investors. A marketing arm of Mind Farmers Private Limited, Wealth Farmers is managed by dynamic, dedicated and experienced professional team and acts as a holistic platform for all mutual fund investment needs such as Debt, Equity and Hybrid Funds invested either through lump sum or thru SIPs and STPs. The company has tie-up with all leading mutual fund AMCs of country.

The concept germinated four years ago when the founders started taking keen interest on exploring retirement options for themselves. During this time, they perceived that many of their common friends were sailing on the same boat and were in search of a stable retirement financial plan that would take care of their families. This led them to do indepth study for two years of different possible options available to individuals who are not Multi Millionaire but have a small budget to start building for their retirement. They came across that very few Wealth Management firms were focused on offering their services to this group of customers. After a few more brain storming sessions, they zeroed in upon establishing a platform that would enable a simple way of transacting in the world of mutual fund investments and redefining
customer service levels in mutualfund distribution industry. They wanted to emphasize on wealth creation for retail customers and not only management of wealth for HNIs. This marked the beginning of Wealth Farmers. "We believe the money you earn needs to be invested and cared for, like what a farmer does in his fields. This constant nurture and care would lead to creation of wealth, the fruits of which can be cherished not only by this generation but may be even by the inheritors of this wealth. We have resolved to set new benchmarks in customer service by adopting a customer centric approach, offering innovative solutions and engaging competent professional team. We ensure unbiased and needbased advice for our clients," says Rajiv Bindal,Director, Wealth Farmers.

The Wealth Farmers team wants ‘A tree of wealth in everyone's life..'

The Wealth Farmers team combines technology with human experience to offer customized solutions to their customers based on their need, risk appetite and goals. "We have started investing in technology from day one of our operations and have a functional website where transactions can be done online or through Mobile application. Our customer support team is ready to help anyone who needs advice or professional help," he asserts. The team caters to any individual between age group of 0-100 years who can invest Rs. 500 minimum each month with a horizon of 3 years or more. Besides, they also offer new investment asset class like P2P lending which is not impacted by stock market movements or their customers with high risk appetite.

The Growth Wealth Farmers has been able to mark its presence in the Investment Advisory space in the very first year of operations. It has a present client base comprising from Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Mohali, Raipur, Bangalore, and abroad. "Considering the AUM numbers, we are now amongst the top 15,000 Investment Advisors in India within one year of our operations.,"he mentions.

Recently, the company has forayed into offering Life Insurance, Health Insurance and General Insurance apart from Investments in Mutual Funds and P2P lending and would soon be offering corporate deposits and solutions like NPS to its clients. "We have been grooming our internal team for handling new products by conducting extensive trainings and integrating our platform for better customer experience," he concludes.