WeDigTech: Mobile Strategy, Design, Development & Marketing

Pranay Mathur,Founder & CTO

Pranay Mathur

Founder & CTO

Reaching the landmark of one billion mobile subscribers and four million internet users in India, mobile application demand has geared up evidently. With millions of apps online (over 2.2 million in Android store and1.5 million in Apple store), not all succeed to lure customers and stay alive for long. But adding functionality and robustness in its offerings, WeDigTech has been zealously delivering top-class mobile applications with unique UI and UX services since 2008.

Serving clients in U.S., Canada, Australia and India, this fixed cost project-based company is creating verified proto types before delivering final solutions. Unlike others, this entity cooks the application and lets the clients taste it by filtering through mockups before finally serving and getting right architecture in place, hence generating better ROI. Building great mobile apps in the native applications like iOS and Android, it has touched hybrid applications too, giving flexibility to launch the apps for cross platforms. Companies like Network 18, Redbull, SongDew, AVU, Uber and SimulationIQ among others have already tasted success with WeDigTech’s recipes.
Innovating Products & Services

Rendering wide array of mobile apps for startups and enterprises, the company has tapped IoT (Internet of Things), which is in the midst of explosion. OVAL (mobile app for IoT sensors) is the hardware connecting app of WeDigTech that connects phone with sensors detecting motion, light, moisture, temperature, and proximity disturbance. Keepe Pro (Geo-Location based app for handyman or contractor jobs), iFlit (live scenes sharing app), SongDew (music app), FotoYapp (offers the users the ability to create media content), and Mindrazr (mind relaxing music app) are few creative apps from the house of WeDigTech and has also developed over couple dozen B2B apps for enterprises.

Apart from just dispensing mobile apps to the clients, WeDigTech renders services by creating landing pages to attract more customers

Proffering matchless and user-friendly apps, WeDigTech has created a data driven framework named ‘We Control Panel’ on the cloud services with proprietary ready-to-go engines, which has resulted in swift designing of customized apps, capturing user-analytics and managing the entire app business. Capturing various contents and learning materials in its frame work, it is aiding quick delivery of any particular
app by facilitating the launch within 45-60 days, unlike other players in the field who take over 6 months. The quick turnarounds help clients to quickly launch their product when others would still be under trial and error.

Apart from just dispensing mobile apps to the clients, WeDigTech render services by creating landing pages to attract more customers. From increasing visibility in search engine pages to directing traffic to websites, its well established digital marketing team handles the SEM, SEO and PPC which are the pipeline to social media marketing. Operating in the domain of Web Application Development, the hybrid applications are being created on Angular JS (Google’s Javascript framework). As application security is under threat today, this company provides a secured socket layer to the apps by tying with renowned Amazon and Azure Cloud Services to avoid breach.

The Profound Growth

55+ passionate and well trained engineers on board are striving to connect and understand the needs of the customers to convert them into technical solutions. The flexible, cross communication and transparent culture has churned creativity and productivity within the organization. Witnessing 25-30 percent revenue growth every quarterwith over 90 percent of repeat business, this boot-strapped company continues to grow organically and envisagesenlarging the team by 125 employees going forward.