WeMove Solutions: Redefining Training using Theatre

Rangaraj Bhatracharya,   Co-Founder

Rangaraj Bhatracharya, Co-Founder

In this new fangled world, now and again new market metamorphosis and technologies are imposed on companies making its extant full of complexities. In such set of circumstances, corporate training companies assist these organizations to enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees by proffering lessons and trainings to them and introduce them to the changing market trends and developing technologies. Holding a down right understanding of the corporate industry, Rangaraj Bhatracharya and Abhishek Iyengar co-founded WeMove Solutions to put forward corporate training programmes, intending to groom the employees, magnifying their line of action and productivity.

The duo came up with a trailblazing concept of orchestrating corporate training with theatre. It goes without saying that their profound knowledge about theatre and its graveness from their previous venture WeMove Theatre have prompted them to merge the intriguing aspects of the Hippodrome with
the process of imparting knowledge or skills to the mentees. The only intention here was to embellish these sessions, break the humdrumness and make these coaching bouts interesting and engaging. “We wanted to enhance the corporate training sessions by putting an end to its tedious ilk. So we choose to amalgamate theatre-based learning with corporate training to magnify its connectivity, impactand send forth on the participants,” says Rangaraj Co-Founder of WeMove Solutions.

"WeMove Solutions can be defined as the organization that aspires to redefine corporate training techniques using Theatre concept"

The Journey
Introducing such an off-beat pattern of training and learning was not as easy as falling off a log. WeMove Solutions had to encounter a lot of strictures and impediments in its inceptive days. Apart from this, the company was grappling to give an idiosyncratic shape to its own innovative idea. Serious efforts were made to keep in existence the wow factors of art and entertainment as well as learning authenticity in each new subject or skill they aspired to deliver. However, it’s optimistic and pragmatically had immense faith in their endeavour, they worked towards putting the rights and promulgated about its expediency in the market. And by confronting all challenges and rebuffs, it took possession of ascendancy in the corporate training ecosystem. “The first three years of WeMove solutions had been very rough. People were very sceptical about
the very idea of unifying entertainment and learning. But we never lost hope in our objectives and remained patient till our invention was apprehended,” voices Rangaraj.

Ever since their groundbreaking idea was conceded and WeMove Solutions was originated, it entrapped many crowning achievements. It is counted amongst the most Innovative Learning companies by NHRD. It has incurred more than fifty per cent growth in terms of revenue and extended its business to over twenty cities throughout the country. “We grabbed our first big break on August 2014 and since then we have never looked back. The CII has pronounced us as one of the most Innovative learning companies in India. And through our Theatre based invention, we have reached about 2,00,000 employees across industries,” enunciates Rangaraj.

What’s Next!
In the upcoming years, the company aims at launching itself as the epitome of the corporate training industry. It is very much focusing to take hold of the entire learning market by venturing into the Edtech industry. However, to bring this grail to reality, WeMove Solutions have introduced scalable methods to facilitate learning and augment the experiences of the clients. In short, WeMove Solutions can be defined as the organization that aspires to redefine corporate training techniques using Theatre concept to help every company reinforce the culture of learning.