weryz: An Exhilarating Journey of Self-Discovery to Thrive in Life

Shailja Dutt,Founder & Chief of Ideas

Shailja Dutt

Founder & Chief of Ideas

The journey within oneself is the most exciting adventure to take. Nothing compares to the excitement of discovering who you truly are. weryz is one such organization that recognizes how enriching it can be to know your skills and what matters to you. It understands the value of knowing yourself and allowing others to know the real you. weryz was established with the goal of partnering with individuals on an exciting and joyful journey of self discovery in 2021 by Shailja Dutt. Throughout the course of her two decades of working with top management, she uncovered some tremendous leadership learnings.

According to Shailaja, the most powerful of these learnings was the discovery of Human Magic. This Magic is the capacity to transform oneself from a professional to a leader. After years of keen observation and comprehension in an endeavour to find similar threads among those who have discovered this magic inside themselves, Shailja noticed a strong commitment to self-discovery. These were people who discovered the magic inside themselves, led with empathy and were mindful of their strengths and flaws. They were aware of the change they wished to see since they were driven by a sense of purpose. These individuals were naturally recognized and accepted, freely expressing themselves in
their organizations, industries, and the media, owing to the courage at the core of their character.

Shailja realized that this organic journey from discovery to authentic self expression is not something that comes easily. Moreover, in today's fast paced professional landscape, self reflection often takes a backseat. That’s where weryz comes in, predominantly focusing on enabling individuals to embark on a journey of self discovery, enabling them to leverage their strengths and values as they pursue their dreams. “We are enablers of the first step towards being your best self. The strength finder/selfdiscovery assessment is just the first part of a much larger journey. At weryz we are also building a community where people can reach out to mentors, experts, coaches, to enhance their journey and find more joy. We believe everything starts from within from unraveling what drives us, to discover our values, strengths, and purpose,” signifies Shailja Dutt, Founder & Chief of Ideas.

Uncover your potential define your purpose
"Simplicity is the highest sophistication," Leonardo Da Vinci once said. The weryz approach of self discovery is based on simplification. RYZ is an introspective exercise in which the individual evaluates their habitual responses, feelings, thinking processes, and patterns across multiple evaluative dimensions. In this approach, evaluating one's own behavior necessitates complete transparency and honesty with oneself, which is where the journey truly begins. The primary objective is to identify, evaluate, and focus on one's strengths, in order to connect more deeply with their inner drivers and showcase their most authentic self. With every answer and choice you make as you sit and reflect upon the evaluation, RYZ creates a digital footprint of your cognitive workings, and presents the same in a manner that is easy to understand. These insights are simplified, personalized, and help individuals identify their intrinsic drivers and enhance their strengths. This Ryz tool enables every single individual to be an outstanding leader in their area of expertise via the process of self-discovery.

Shailja concludes, "To embark on your journey, visit our website and download the weryz app, available on both Apple and Android devices. Once the app is downloaded, you must simply fill in your details, grab a cup of coffee or tea and find a quiet spot for some self reflection. Over the next 20 minutes, while you answer the questions provided, be as true to yourself as possible! Once you are done, the app will provide a quick summary of its learnings, and a more indepth version of the same will be made available to you upon request”.