WhatshalliGet: Designed to provide an easy-to-use Shopping Experience

Serlin S, Founder

Serlin S, CEO

The traditional shopping experience is for a consumer to determine a commodity they require and place this in the shopping list. The consumer then goes to a supplier who may have the commodity.The commodity’s availability is uncertain, though. In such a case, the consumer depending on the urgency will either travel to another supplier, check online suppliers, or will simply remove the item from their list. The WhatshalliGet platform is totally intuitive in this regard with hooks into both online and offline suppliers giving the consumer accurate locations of the commodity along with the latest pricing. The app presents an organized approach enabling shoppers to swiftly enter and exit a store, pick up exactly what they need and not hoodwink them by showing other non-essential items.

A game-changing easy-to-use shopping experience, the WhatshalliGet application is designed to save time and money whilst ensuring that the shopping
experience is both fun and interactive. The app has been meticulously designed by a young like-minded team who have taken their previous experiences and designed a powerful all-encompassing experience. “Unlike many other applications, team WhatshalliGet thrives from your feedback andaims to further enhance its application to heighten the normally mundane task of shopping and social media,” speaks Serlin S, CEO.

"A game-changing easy-to-use shopping experience, the WhatshalliGet application is designed to save time and money whilst ensuring that the shopping experience is both fun and interactive"

The Humble Beginning
The ideation behind WhatshalliGet triggered during the time of a financial impasse in Serlin’s previous project M4-Med. This is when he rewired his thoughts and came up with the concept of WhatshalliGet shopping. “In fact, I was looking for a fund-raising venture for my ongoing project M4Medi, because the investors postponed payment as demonetization had set in. It was such a hard time I was going through so I took myself off to the Lulu Mall where I observed many people carrying long lists of commodities they were required to locate and purchase. I took the incentive to speak to a number of people walking around with these lists and it transpired that the items
on their list were not only their own but those from other family members also,” mentions Serlin.

He took this data back to my office for analysis and from the results; he mapped out a solution which led to a project plan. Following this wire frame plan, he discussed with his technical head Jyothish Abraham and his mentor Mahmood Iqbal, shared insights of the entire concept only to build the initial platform. “I decided to make Jyothish my partner and with his technical expertise built the platform. Due to the limitation of funds, we decided to divide the project into four phases and scheduled to build the test MVP with available funds. After the MVP, we moved to a closed trial to validate the concept. Upon receiving positive feedback, we decided to proceed with phase two which is the live release product and approached for angel fund where Anand Pandey invested to build phase 2 and became my third partner,” he asserts.

As of today, WatshalliGet has phase 1 Application live on iPhone and Android. The team is at the final stages of testing phase 2 of the app. “Phase 2 update is our final product after which we would start our promotion plan and revenue model. In terms of workforce, we have a team of 12 working on building this unique platform,” he adds.In the coming years, WhatshalliGet will turn the mundane task of shopping into a fun experience.