Whitelion: Making Human Life Efficient at Home and Workplace by Automation

Vishal Kukadiya,DirectorOver the upcoming years, the market for smart switches is expected to grow significantly. Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and dynamic designs are predicted to drive the growth of the market for smart switches. In addition, it is projected that technological advancements in smart switch products would support the market's expansion.

Whitelion, an ISO 2001 9001 certified company is a promising startup based out of Surat. It was founded in 2014 and originally started as a collegiate project. The company has been manufacturing smart switches that are innovation-driven to support smart home automation in India. The organization has expanded its service area throughout the years to include more than 12 states, including West Bengal, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

“When we discuss automation, it has a great deal of intricacy. Therefore, we made sure to develop our product to be as user-friendly as feasible given the Indian context. Only the features necessary for human existence and Indian culture have been created. Additionally, we intend to create a cohesive ecosystem for both software and hardware. Our products not only ensures comfort, safety, and energy saving, but also beautifies the interior” highlights Vishal Kukadiya, Director at Whitelion.

Whitelion has been providing three different types of Smart Switches as of late. The Posh Series, which are cleverly created to offer a waterproof and splash-proof surface, comes first. So, bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet spaces can also simply employ these switches. Furthermore, these switches may be hassle-free placed into modular frames. Secondly, Whitelion also has a Quartz line of frameless Smart Switches. The switches in this line can be made of plain glass material, which gives them a very attractive
appearance. Furthermore, everything is included with the glass; no sockets or plastic components are required. And lastly, the third range of smart switches is called the Mocha range which doesn't require any external switchboards and can be directly integrated into the wall itself. These switches can be operated from Alexa, Google Home, mobile app, touch, and remote.

“In this range, we utilize the materials that the customers choose to use for their walls, such as wood, marble, tile, etc., integrate sensors into those materials, perform some material calibration work, and then place these smart switches onto the wall,” explains Vishal.

The motion sensors made by Whitelion are also well-known in the market since they can turn on or off the corresponding lights when a person is detected on the radar without the use of switches. These sensors are extremely useful for bathrooms, passages, garages, parking areas, godowns, and more.

A Robust Infrastructure in Place
Whitelion recently increased to 1,00,000 units per month its manufacturing capability. The company adheres to lean manufacturing practices to prevent capital from being tied to inventory while at the same time to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

Our products not only ensures comfort, safety, and energy saving, but also beautifies the interior

Whitelion has always placed a strong emphasis on R&D in order to stay current with the shifting market conditions and technological developments. Additionally, the business is fully equipped to maintainable enhance and expand its current product line.

“Our products are made with the intention of being future-proof and not requiring hardware upgrades as technology develops. Simple additional sim-sized chips that can be placed into existing switches are all that is required. Customers don't need to replace the switches or update the wiring as a result. Additionally, all of this is supported by our numerous departments, each of which is run by one of our capable co-founders who works independently to advance the necessary innovation in the sector,” concludes Vishal.

Going forward, Whitelion is looking forward to manufacturing smart appliances in the future.