Wisdom Capital: Revolutionizing Online Share Trading with Unparalleled Solutions

Deb Mukherjee,    CEOA decade ago, Deb Mukherjee pioneered the groundbreaking idea of a no-brokerage fee share trading platform and patronised Wisdom Capital at a time when all stockbrokers were demanding exorbitant brokerage fees. Later, he combined the zero-brokerage strategy with the concept of financial market leverage and bagged many clients. Wisdom Capital abandoned the traditional trading approach, sailed into uncharted territory, and rose to prominence in the stock brokerage industry. He revolutionized online share trading in the country by focussing on technology. Wisdom Capital had a first mover advantage when it introduced the 'Free Trade & Investment Zone', and it surfed across the capital markets in ways no one had anticipated. Many well-known businesses, particularly premium brokerage and securities firms, followed the same course as that of Wisdom Capital and eventually benefited from the trend set by the company.

Experience that Makes a Difference
Recently, SEBI introduced a new set of regulations (Peak Margin Circular 2020) that forbids the use of leverage in India's Futures and Options market. It's been challenging to ascertain the regulator's perspective. Meanwhile, a growing number of investors are choosing fixed-income securities over the stock market when making investing decision. According to Wisdom Capital, these changes will make it more difficult for retail traders to engage in market trading. As a result, it will cause volumes and, consequently, liquidity to decline. It also implies that a drop in retail involvement was one of the most significant repercussions of the SEBI's recent activities. It will also make it impossible for the majority of market players to compete on an even playing field. To counter this trend, Wisdom Capital devised yet another novel strategy to entice clients to the financial markets. A fixed deposit (FD) interest rate set by banks will serve as the benchmark for the interest rate Wisdom Capital would pay on the funds kept by its customers. The trading community will benefit into ways: firstly, by earning FD linked interest on the funds kept with Wisdom Capital, and, secondly, by trading the financial markets.

Innovative Marketing Tools
The regulations put in place by SEBI would inevitably lead to the oligopoly like structures in the market, with a hand few controlling the financial markets in the future. Again to cope with the stressful times, Wisdom Capital is leaving no stone unturned in order to stimulate retail involvement and to increase retail participation. Wisdom Tree Private Limited, Wisdom Group company, will focus on algorithmic trading-base product baskets. Currently, the company offers free APIs as well as other ALGO-based products that allow flexibility for traders while devising their trading strategies.
Wisdom Tree is promoting Quant Power, a tool that will enable traders to build, back test, fine tune, and execute trading strategies tailored to the specific requirements of a trader. A handful of the ALGO-related items will be provided to customers without charge, within the regulatory and compliance parameters established by SEBI.

Wisdom Capital, one of the finest discount brokers in India, is assisting the new generation of traders by offering the most ingenious trading tools and technological prowess supported by a progressive technological platform. It is also pulling out all the stops by using the legal process to contest SEBI’s Peak Margin Circular. Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurial spirit at Wisdom Capital shows no sign of dying out.

Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurial and industrious efforts of Wisdom Capital will enable it to chart new territories

Trailblazer of Discount Brokerage in India
Patron and CEO of Wisdom Capital, a leading stock broker and fintech company, Deb Mukherjee is a precursor of discount brokerage in India. Deb Mukherjee is an ambitious man with a mission to educate society on the importance of financial planning in daily life and is already on the job.

A PROGRESSIVE ENTREPRENEUR-An Indian Air Force personnel for around two decades, Deb brought his years of training and discipline learned in the armed forces to securities trading. The qualities imbued in him during the defense services such as getting the job done despite adversity and a never giveup attitude have helped him emerge as the leader in the stock broking industry today. In 2013, he patronized Wisdom Capital and pioneered the discount brokerage model in India. With the introduction of Wisdom Capital, Deb broke the vicious cycle of ever increasing exorbitant brokerage charges and offered a uniform free service package across all trading platforms. He also created a technology driven customer centric model, which elevated him to the top echelon of financial services companies. Under his stewardship, Wisdom Capital has risen to prominence as one of the reliable discount brokerage companies with over 20,000 clients across India. After Wisdom Capital's astounding success, Deb started new business ventures that catered to other industries. He is the man behind Wisdom Group, commissioning multiple businesses under one umbrella: Wisdom Tree Ventures (IT industry), Wisdom Capital (financial markets), Wisdom CRM(SaaS-based Software), and Wisdom Policy (insurance aggregator).

NAVIGATING THROUGH THE PANDEMIC, Deb believes that, even in the midst of adversity, the show must go on. That is why he gave his employees work from home options during the pandemic. Further, the company refrained from cutting down salaries on the contrary, it gave away a 20 percent hike, doubled employees' salaries, and provided essential services during this global health crisis. In light of people losing their livelihood in 2020, Deb launched WishGames11 (fantasy gaming), which allowed players to earn while playing their favorite game. Deb's proactive leadership has earned the company prestigious accolades over the years. The list includes India's Fastest Growing Brand 2021 by AsiaOne, CEOs of the Year 2021 by Business Connect, Best Company (Wisdom Capital) to Work For In 2022 by Business Connect, Global Visionary Award 2021, Amity Corporate Excellence Award for Promoting Financial Literacy, and India's Most Admired Financial Advisory Services Company. Besides, the entrepreneur has received the "India's Inspirational Leader" award at a conclave hosted by White Page International in Mumbai. More recently, Deb has been awarded ‘India’s Greatest Leaders Award 2021-22’ and his companies Wisdom Capital and Wisdom Tree Ventures have been conferred with ‘India’s Greatest Brands Award 2021-22’ in an event organized by AsiaOne Magazine at Taj Palace, New Delhi.

“In this journey, my next aim is to explore the M&E(Media and Entertainment) space, focusing on areas such as AI-powered virtual reality and cloud streaming", says Deb Mukherjee. Infact, Wisdom Tree, aWisdom Capital group company, is already offering services that allow clients to fine tune their trading strategies QuantPower is one of the newest addition to the product mix offered by Wisdom Group. Mindful of the country's low levels of financial literacy, he also wishes to develop a trading school where he, along with other financial leaders, would enlighten people on the subject and make the Indian population aware of the basic financial concepts.