Wixifi: Intelligent Investing

Ishaan Gupta,Founder & Managing Partner

Ishaan Gupta

Founder & Managing Partner

Ishaan Gupta, a value investor blogger at always did what he was best at tinkering around the value analysis that he was doing for the blog. As the popularity of the site rose massively, many readers began to ask him about robo advisory services - if it really existed in India. Some even suggested that if it did exist in India, he should be making igvalue a robo advisory service.

For a person like Ishaan who has held numerous roles in the financial industry including Citigroup Investment Bank and QVT, a New York based hedge fund; converting this experience into a plausible business outcome was just around the corner. His diversified interest towards investment and technology especially in the quantitative investing aspect and the application part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & automation paved a way to first of its kind digital platform called Wixifi in 2015.

Since inception, the company has gone through a highly erratic and transformational phase - surpassed every single setback
during their initial stages. Starting from acquiring the regulatory structure in place to acquiring the right kind of technology infrastructure, getting the right kind of team to be able to handle all functions of the company, Wixifi has truly carved a niche in this unique space today.

Wixifi’s automated advisory services and portfolio import feature have made it super easyfor the investors to manage their portfolios in one place without any human bias

Get an Automated Portfolio Tailor-made for You
When we look at the behemoths of the industry in the financial space, they have taken around 100 years to build the brand. Now with the advent of internet and digitization, Wixifi has envisioned to build a similar brand in less than 5-10 years, which is a big challenge. Additionally, there are 80+ startups in the robo advisory space - and this makes Ishaan feel that surviving 5 years is a competitive advantage in this space.

Further, he mentions, “This space is not like the eCommerce segment where rapid scale up can occur due to selling negative gross margin products. Money is a very emotional topic and trust in the brand trumps - even the returns. There are no shortcuts in investing as get rich quick schemes do not work! Patience is the best strategy in investing.”

Wixifi’s product Automated Mutual Fund Advisory and Automated Stock Advisory currently trending in the quantitative research space has created a brand around better risk adjusted returns through quantitative research and real-time update. Their product has a simple risk profiling process that takes only 6 inputs – income,expenses, assets, liabilities, such as, whether you own or rent your primary residence, and date of birth – based on which the platform gives its user a risk profile report. Once received, the algorithm generates a report giving the customer various options to invest their hard earned money.

Switch to Direct!
Last year, Wixifi has grown 5x times in terms of its user base (i.e, 3000+ users) and revenue wise they are growing 10 percent MoM. Most important of all,the company is keeping its team lean so that they can sustain on a long run and survive the length of time required to build a brand in the retail financial services space. Emphasizing on the mutual fund investors on how they can immensely benefit out of their platform, Ishaan says, “Switch to direct. You save about 1 percent a year which compounded over 10years and that makes a huge difference. We have made this process super easy for you. Just import your CAMS statement into our platform and hit -switch to direct! And increase the return on your fund investments just by fee reduction in the direct plans versus the high fee regular plans. Wixifi’s portfolio import feature makes it simple for the users to switch from the clutches of regular plansto the freedom of direct plans rapidly.”