Wiz Staffing: A One-Stop Shop for All Technical Hiring Requirements

 Priya Desai ,  Founder & CEO

Priya Desai

Founder & CEO

There is no denying that there is a competitive market for businesses wanting to recruit the best staff. All sizes of businesses are searching for novel approaches to differentiate them selves from a sea of work environments. Many startups have modified their hiring and recruiting methods to serve candidates and talent teams better while attempting to assemble a competitive workforce. It is a difficult undertaking that requires a process, one that is tried and true, to find the perfect technical expertise for any company. Wiz Staffing, headquartered in Bangalore, follows a hiring process that involves more than just matching an employer's needs with a potential tech talent's skills and expertise. The organization is confident in its hiring procedure and believes it can help any product company reach the same degree of hiring success after assisting some of India's largest corporations in acquiring their technical personnel.

“We provide hiring solutions for technology startups, internet mobile online retail firms, and enterprise product development companies. Our constant endeavor and commitment are to provide the best talent available in the industry to our clients. By virtue of our strong network, not only do we put the best candidates across but also provide insight on their past performances” stated Priya Desai, Founder & CEO, Wiz Staffing.
Seamless Staffing Process for Various HiTech Industries
While overall unemployment is still relatively high, the tech sector is experiencing a talent war where many businesses struggle to find and keep A+ personnel. That's why the correct hiring decisions make all the difference. It is advisable to invest the time and energy to ensure you are doing everything you can to attract the appropriate people because the cost of making a bad hire is significantly more than the time and expense it takes to make a good one. In order to stay competitive in the market, Wiz Staffing helps clients handle this issue by keeping a regular and consistent supply of talented and skilled workers.

Wiz Staffing identifies active & passive talent that meets clients' needs regarding skills & cultural fit

Wiz Staffing first has a detailed discussion with clients about their staffing needs. The agreement for the engagement document is signed following conversations with the customer. In order to construct a business and technology road map and a detailed deck based on the conversations for the candidate's reference, the company then develops an outline action plan, meeting with key corporate stakeholders. After that, Wiz Staffing identifies active and passive talent that meets clients' needs regarding skills and cultural fit. The entire process is handled by Wiz Staffing, including the search for pertinent profiles, and setting up a hiring plan emphasizing on time to hire and cost to hire.

“We help tech product companies, early stage startups, and VC funded companies in their hiring activity. Our primary focus is on niche skills and leadership roles and helping these companies build their technical teams from the beginning. Wiz Staffing has served more than 30+ clients and worked extensively in evolving technologies like AI, ML data science, analytics, data visualization, data engg, cloud computing, IoT, cyber security, mobile developers, web developers, and more” added Priya.

Hence, the company has created teams for numerous technology companies from scratch and has done work for some well-known corporations as well, including Groww, Tekion, Kuvera, Moneytapp (now called freo), Urban Ladder, Healthy sure, Plateiq, Piramal Housing & Finance, Simpl, Zopper, and others. The business has acquired more than 50 customers in just 1.5 years. Additionally, Wiz Staffing hopes to reach the 100+ customer mark in 2023. The goal of the business is to provide the best staffing services in the market while meeting all client needs.