Wonder Jute: Promoting Greener Values Through Jute Bags

Sunil Malu,Founder & Proprietor

Sunil Malu

Founder & Proprietor

India being one of the largest Jute manufacturers in the world stands strong in putting jute up for trade over single-use plastic bags. Jute is much more economical when it comes to production and is beneficial for the environment too. As a biodegradable material, Jute is easy to produce and compost and with India being a efficient player, there are huge opportunities in exports. Realizing the sustainability of this eco-friendly material, SD Creations came up with Wonder Jute in the year 2021.

While keeping in mind environ-mental degradation, Wonder Jute gives the opportunity to use greener alternatives which are in demand by many. "Plastic/polythene bags that are widely used in stores and house-holds take about a billion years to fully compost and are a major cause of land, air, and water pollution.

To reduce the usage of products that are slowly becoming the cause of environmental degradation, Wonder Jute has decided to use a 100 percent biodegradable and plant-based fibre alternative also known as the golden fibre of nature, the wonder fabric `Wonder Jute'," says Sunil Malu, Founder & Proprietor.

Promising A Range Of Customized Styles
Conference/Office Bags, Laundry/Storage

/Utility Bags,Shopping Bags, Sling Bags, Wine Bags, Draw- string/ Pouch Bags, Promotional Bags, Lunch Bags. All the products are designed to go with the aesthetics and the current fashion trends. It provides greener and trendy bags that one can style with their outfits.

The company only uses natural fibres and organic dyes for manufacturing and considers this as the strongest USP of all its products. There is a high level of customization in all the designs offered by Wonder Jute and the innovative products are fit for exports.

Wonder Jute has been fighting global warming for years now and finding sustainable alternatives is not a choice anymore, it's rather a necessity. The world needs to cut down on its plastic consumption and this starts with a change in our lifestyle choices that we make. Unarguably, the celebrities and fashion influencers can play a big role in this and help brands reach out to more people to support their business and the collective initiative.

"As a small contribution to a healthier planet, we are working hard to make eco-friendly and sustainable jute products to reach people", speaks Sunil. The world is adapting to a sustainable shift in lifestyle choices and this is a good sign for budding businesses like Wonder Jute to promote greener values through their jute bags. The products have been received positively by the audience fulfilling their style statement demands.

Wonder Jute offers fashionable and sustainable bags that can be put to purpose

Experimenting & Learning Along the Way
Wonder Jute believes that businesses must constantly adapt to changes in trends and the expectations of their target customers. Organizations cannot simply hard-wire decisions about their identity or operating models and declare victory.

The best way to ensure growth is to harness a vibrant ecosystem of partners outside the company's traditional boundaries, building data-rich technology platforms that support growth and innovation, and accelerating learning to fuel the talent engine they'll need to succeed. Wonder Jute is all set to experiment and learn along the way and keep revising the strategies with the changing trends.