&Work: Experience a World of Carefully Fabricated Workstations

Manan Gandhi,   CEOWhen Manan was pursuing his MBA from University of San Francisco, he was introduced to the concept of coworking spaces by one of his cohort student who was working from the we work facility in Downtown San Francisco. Fascinated by the office space and the work-life balance extended by such facility, Manan was amazed. And when he came back to India in 2018, the market already had a few good players, but he still saw an untapped opportunity in the coworking domain.

"The biggest drawbackis that majority of India lacks solid infrastructure and the community support is almost non existent. None of the players in the market are targeting Tier II or smaller cities that currently hold tremendous potential. That's when I came up with the idea of setting up my own venture and gave life to my vision with &Work," says Manan Gandhi, CEO &Work.

A co-working space for people from diverse backgrounds, industries & experiences to
come together and connect. One can experience a world of carefully fabricated workstations all at the comfort of world class amenities at &work. "We look at the minutest of details that affects productivity. We design the workspace in a way so that ample amount of natural sunlight reaches the workstations, and even the colour scheme used is soothing to the eye and mind. All these small things really add up, and boosts energy," adds Manan.

We empower businesses in tier II cities with facilities & infrastructure to achieve their goals at pocket friendly rates

Committed to providing you with a warm, professional and mindful work space so you can expand your network and improve employee productivity, the co-working startup even has an application system in place where it filters out the companies to ensure that the right people are your office buddies. In addition to this, the company also has a dedicated community team which apart from managing the office, also hosts a variety of events to encourage engagement, learning, team building and a good work life balance.

Started its operations with a small 220 seater co-working space in Faridabad, &Work was able to achieve a 90 percent occupancy in just four months of its launch. With a reputed client base which includes Zomato, MagicBricks and PhonePe amongst others, the coworking startup is now planning to launch another 320 seats in Faridabad while simultaneously planning to set its foot in the market of Agra, Vizag, Jaipur and Surat. "We are looking forward to open seven new co-working spaces with 2,800+ seats in the next 18 months. We have recently launched an operating agreement/revenue share model, where we partner up with the landlords and help them get a higher return on their property when compared with fixed rentals. Along with all this, we are now shifting our focus on technology by updating our CRM to incorporate multiple locations while ensuring transparency for our future landlords," he concludes.