WorkFridge: Genie and an Intelligent Assistant to Office Requisites

In today’s technology driven business culture, offices are struggling with inefficiencies in assessment & order management, accountability of usage and over or under stocking situations. As per the IMRB survey, delayed delivery, vendor follow ups and managing multiple vendors are the key challenges faced in managing the office supplies. There are endless inefficiencies in the whole process of procurement of the same including effort, time and accountability. With a vision to address these challenges for businesses, ‘WorkFridge’ was established. Based out of Bengaluru, WorkFridge has become a collaborative partner for every business for their office supplies and consumables.

Procurement and management processes are mostly the same. However, it’s the cumbersome process of managing multiple vendors, followups and managing the same that takes a lot of effort and time. WorkFridge plays the role of a consolidated player who can supply all office supplies and consumables end to end including customized stationery. In doing so, the firm simplifies order, procurement, storage, monitoring and inventory management for all customers.

WorkFridge as a wired and intelligent box is capable of reporting and monitoring all the mapped products sitting inside. With its sensors for data monitoring and real time data assessment,this genie box extends a plethora of advantages to customers. The product suite offers a complete automated process with no human interference, and enables requirement fore cast. This saves the system from tedious and multitasking efforts of vendor follow ups, receiving and maintaining. WorkFridge also enables automated billing and payouts. Every check in and check outof inventory from the box is treated as an event and every event results into a condition and is processed for matching or overriding the preset condition
Satish Kumar MG , Founder & CEO

as per customer profiling for replenishment. The products offered in the box are General product Inventory(GPI), Customized Inventory(CI), Special Product Inventory(SPI), and Electronics and Accessories (E&A). Comprising of consumed supplies, this product works on the basic platform of monitoring and replenishment route. Much alike the GPI, CI is only differentiated with letterheads, customized covers and more as per customer requirements. The SPI product is provided as one of the peripheral services. The list consists of the special office consumables like designer and expensive purchases. These take separate supply loop and the billing is part of the immediate cycle. Similar to the SPI, E&A is a peripheral service. However, in this, the delivery is done by handing over personally rather than checking into the box. Moreover, the box is rich with analytics that create dashboards on efficiencies, discrepancies and alert on replenishments, which could be threshold consumption based. The list of handy benefits that Work Fridge delivers makes it a Genie for office supplies management.

WorkFridge as a wired and intelligent box is capable of reporting and monitoring all the mapped products sitting inside

It offers centralized control for multibranched businesses, requires no frequent approval and processes as it is contracted, and enhances the business intelligence based on consumption data. WorkFridge has run a pilot for 30 customers for 3 months to revalidate the technology, ramping up capability and for proof of business idea. Currently, the firm has started pilots with large MNC’s and banks and will set sail on a fullfledged commercialization pan India.