Xeno: Smart, Intelligent and Impactful Campaigns

As we know, data is doubling every two years. Various statistical analyses predict that by 2020 we would have 44Million Zeta bytes of data (i.e. 44 trillion gigabytes). But it is not the amount of data that is important but how we look at it and use it effectively is what matters. Also, how organizations use it to benefit customers is the key. Understanding this well is Xeno ­ a digital personalization platform and tech-enabled marketing brand that uses relevant data to assess the customer needs and provide personalized branding solutions.

Mastering the Art of Understanding Customers
Conceptualized by two industry experts PranavAhuja and Ayushmaan Kapoor, the company primarily focuses on enhancing customer experience to the next level. It looks at several hundred data points of individual customers, understands them and helps the clients to reach a wider set of audience. "Xeno's mission is to enable brands to delight their customers at scale. Imagine if a brand has 3 million existing customers, with Xeno, they can create 3 million campaigns specific to each & every customer over SMS, E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels," says Pranav Ahuja, CEO & Co-Founder. Along with other marketing solutions, Xeno has come up with loyalty program software that concentrates on understanding customers & creating personalized loyalty experiences for each customer so that they get delighted & deepen their loyalty to the brands.

With all this, Xeno helps B2C brands to run marketing campaigns at scale to their existing customers. The company aims to enable every retailer and restaurateur to grow by increasing its campaign conversion. If offers best-in-class solutions such as Marketing Cloud which is an AI-powered marketing platform to know consumers, engage them and personalize their experience across multiple channels.

Xeno Marketing Cloud is a suite of 3 products
namely Consumer Analytics, Dynamic CMS and Cross Channel Delivery Engine that perfectly fits into the brand's marketing ecosystem and allows it to execute personalization as utmost priority. "We use powerful segmentation techniques to reach the right customers at the right time on the right channel with the right content. We also strive to improve results with AI-powered cross channel marketing solutions," exclaims Ayushmaan Kapoor, COO & Co-Founder.

Pranav Ahuja, CEO & Co-Founder,Ayushmaan Kapoor, COO & Co-Founder

Moreover, the company assists brands to increase campaign conversions by more than 150 per cent, while reducing the marketing manager's workload by 95 per cent. With the right technology in place, it is executing a powerful Omni-channel strategy and making cross-channel personalization in terms of marketing possible. Aligned to changing trends in the landscape, leveraging the benefits of AI/ML which enables marketers with the power of understanding and reaching out to their customers at an individual level, Xeno is now in the Digital 2.0 era in CRM Marketing.

Xeno assists brands to increase campaign conversions by more than 150 per cent, while reducing the marketing manager's workload by 95 percent

What's Next?
Beginning the journey in 2018, the startup has witnessed 13 x growths since its inception. It is looking forward to doubling the growth ratio and scale at a faster pace. The company that is offering services to offline brand aims to acquire a lot more customers in the same space. "We are in plans to expand our presence into the international market. We are also setting up ground works to close a few international clients in the year 2020. On top of that, we are focused towards building the best company to work for in India," concludes Pranav.