XervizWlobal: Excelling the Endeavours by Welcoming Challenges

Rohan Warty,FounderWith technology and digitization grabbing hold on every industry, the business owners and marketers of every domain are looking at marketing as one of the solutions for running their campaigns and to propagate their presence to the world. However, is it just marketing that is required for any business to survive or even set footprints? Recognizing the several needs of enterprises to mark their presence by researching the market, promoting the brand, survey or data collection to extract required details, Rohan Warty who comes from a robust business background ventured XervizWlobal to provide end-to-end B2B solutions that caters to all the needs of brands from data mining to marketing.

The Goa-based company offers top-notch quality services helping businesses to reach new heights thus setting a whole new level of professionalism. While offering a wide range of B2B services it encompasses clients of IT, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Human Resource, Real Estate and several other industries. And it furnishes solutions such as Telemarketing, Data Mining
& Research, Data Entry, Transcription, Lead Generation, Customer Service and BPO Consultancy among others. "We aim to fulfil our client expectations by providing them with the best possible cost-effective solutions. Our team of experts explore and apply the latest technological methodologies to upscale businesses". says Rohan.

XervizWlobal was established in 2015 by Mr.Rohan Warty at the age of 24. He is MBA by profession and had prior experience in the field of Sales & Marketing before starting his own venture. XervizWlobalis helping its clients with various marketing and data services to market their services or products which in-turn enhances the sales ratio.

He further states, "We are a young and dynamic organization with a set of skilled resources. We swear by the idea of client satisfaction and work diligently to-wards delivering the best. Our remarkable B2B services which will help businesses in all way possible."

Scaling up the game, Rohan Warty has been awarded Young Achiever in Business Excellence Award by Incredible Goa Magazine

Journey and the Future
Amidst the roller coaster ride, XervizWlobal has slowly and steadily grown as a successful start-up. It is witnessing 50 percent financial growth every year. From a team of 3 in 2015, it has now turned into 30+ in the span of 4 years. Scaling up the game, Xerviz is recognized by the Incredible Goa Magazine and the Founder, Rohan Warty also received Young Achiever in Business Excellence award for the same. XervizWlobal is also recognized by Start-up city magazine as Vibrant Star-Up of the Year 2019 in the BPO/KPO category.

The company aims to expand the team and provide the best result-oriented services to the Corporates. As of now, it is not looking forward to setup development or operations center in other states of India or globally but the plans are to set up a sales office in metro cities like Mumbai or Bengaluru.