Xopuntech: Assisting Clients in Turning Their Dreams into Reality

Md Mukibul Islam,FounderThe Assam startup rule is designed with one purpose: to provide the best possible base for future companies while providing the maximum advantages to the state's citizens. Through startup Assam, entrepreneurs can connect with angel and venture capitalists, mentors, and industry experts. It has tried to call key teachers, experts, and entrepreneurs to promote the Guwahati startup policy. Assam has developed into a startup ecosystem that has benefited the people majorly. Startups will have abundant resources, evolve, and thrive in an environment built to solve problems according to their vision.

While keeping this in mind, Md Mukibul Islam founded Xopuntech in 2021. Xopuntech is a technology company that offers one of the finest software related services due to its vast experience, a team of skilled professionals, key business insights, and a dedicated working process. Mukibul Islam is an experienced software expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in java, spring boot, rest maven, agile methodologies, react.js, react native, expressjs, and hibernate.
He stated, "We are a technology company that uses cuttingedge technology and pure innovation to assist consumers in realizing their dreams. Using the most recent technologies, we assist customers in achieving digital transformation across the entire organization. Due to the fact that we employ the greatest level of security in all of our apps, we also provide highquality optimized solutions that are tailored to match their unique use case, budget, and timetable".

Offer Individualized Solutions to Every Business
Xopuntech creates object-oriented software to meet the urgent requirements of multinational corporations, startups, product firms, and agencies. To enhance the software of their clients, they offer data integration, dependable APIs, and microservices. Additionally, Xopuntech offers company software solutions that address all needs. In order to help different businesses with hiring issues, the organization also provides clever and swift staffing solutions. The firm offers these excellent and cutting-edge software solutions at the most competitive prices. All of this is a result of their strong technical team's intense focus on creating software solutions that cater to customers. They offer all clients maintenance and support services that are available around the clock so that problems can be fixed immediately. The company provides comprehensive services that encompass every facet of software engineering in addition to project specific resources.

Xopuntech offers company software solutions that address all needs

Hence, with such exceptional services, Xopuntech helps customers to realize their dream using cutting-edge technology and sheer innovation. With the use of microservices architecture, the company creates a product that aids with healthcare difficulties even during the pandemic. People were reluctant to visit even for doctor consultations because Covid was a rather complicated condition. This is the reason Xopuntech developed a piece of software that enables videoconferencing between patients and doctors. Without a phone number, the patient can call the doctor immediately and receive appropriate consultations. Additionally, the business will soon work with new clients to develop ecommerce in the healthcare sector. By the end of the year, Xopuntech also intends to develop its own products in-house and expand its workforce from 10 to 15.