Xplore: Abridging the Gap Between Industry and Talent

Akhil Modhe, COO,Sunil Tadepalli, CEO

Akhil Modhe, COO

Sunil Tadepalli, CEO

The pandemic brought along redefined campus hiring norms that took on to online hiring. Nevertheless, this can be considered a blessing in disguise to the students as it opened endless opportunities for them removing the location barriers. Headquartered in Hyderabad, is one such platform founded in 2020 as part of the Aceline Tech Solutions which is offering Staff Augmentation & IT Consulting services since 2010. With its unique 3T model (Talent Identification, Talent Grooming & Talent Deployment), offering range of lateral and campus training and hiring solutions that are being utilized by Corporates, Individuals and Educational Institutions. The firm is led by CEO Sunil Tadepalli who holds vast experience of 19 years working with big brands like Coca Cola and TCS. He has helped lead the team to success in several areas, including Product Development, Marketing and more. The Director & COO of, Akhil Modhe leads from the front and engages the educational fraternity by helping the institutions and students reap the benefits of the platform.

Xplore offers Proctored Assessments, including coding in 20 languages. It offers virtual labs that provide students access to practice remotely. The platform also offers a Job Board that companies can post their requirements on and seek applications from the students, shortlist, conduct online assessments and hire. The platform provides
premium comprehensive training plans by industry experts/instructors, including communication and student collaboration.

The exclusive training content provided on the Xplore platform helps network and opens up new opportunities for the students to help them land on their dream companies. Xplore has managed to create a network of 3,00,000+ engineering students from 700 colleges across the country, and 125+ companies are hiring through it.

Xplore has managed to create a network of 3,00,000+ engineering students from 700 colleges across the country, and 125+ companies are hiring through it

Xplore uses the best of technology and experience to enable faster hiring. To make activities easy for the hiring companies, students and colleges, Xplore builds the necessary tools around the idea to make the hiring process smooth and effective. At first, Xplore started with the online assessments and then added the proctoring feature, providing options for the companies to post and manage their jobs, shortlist and administer the assessments, and hire the candidates with ease. The candidates and colleges have options to view and apply for the jobs, promote the jobs within their institute, and the students can also upload their resumes, including a video resume.

The core team at Xplore brings an average industry experience of 15 years on the table, including specialized sectors like HR, Recruitment, and Technology. It simultaneously keeps updated with the rising industry trends to understand and cater to the specific industry needs. “Although the changed scenario has its challenges including a 30-40 percent rate of malpractices in the hiring process, Xplore keeps on the top of these trends and diligently works towards trustworthy screening in the hiring process that the Corporates can truly depend on. Our growth depends on the growth of our stakeholders”, says Sunil Tadepalli.

The two year journey for Xplore was full of hurdles and achievements along the way. The company has a subscriber base of 3.5 lakhs and remains enthused with every newly added subscriber. Xplore celebrates diversity through its subscribers across the country. It has subscribers from Kashmir to Port Blair and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. Xplore’s calendar for 2022 is packed with exciting features that will see innovative thoughts coming to life as it aspires to be a one stop solution in the true sense and deliver as committed to all its stakeholders the students, colleges and the corporates.