Xploreteq Integrated Solutions: Exploring Technology

Amit Gorai,    Founder & Director

Amit Gorai, Founder & Director

Cloud technology has undoubtedly augmented the productivity, costbenefit of businesses, and succouring companies achieve new heights in the industry. Unfortunately, there are people who are still not very well versed about this latest technology or are sceptical about putting it into use. To find a key to this quandary, Amit Gorai laid the cornerstone of Xploreteq through which he is acqua-inting Indian market with the most recent and untouched cloud solutions, providing best IT, Security and Telecom Solution simultaneously. To which Amit avers, “We observed that industries in a foreign land are bestowed with unique Cloud techno-logy that is redefining the growth of the organizations. So we decided to introduce this in India as well.”

The core objective with which Amit ventured into this domain was primarily to scrutinize technology. And that is exactly how the name Xploreteq was derived to explore technology. The company is continuously delivering solutions likeCloud Security Platform
(CASB), Information Right Management (IRM), Terminal Services over Internet, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing, migration services and others. To further extend the plan of actions, it has also launched itself as a cloud aggregator to pack and integrate multiple cloud computing services into one or more composite services. Thus, it enables a rich experience of the alliances in cloud execution and proven capabilities in strategy building & consulting for enabling successful implementations.

"Xploreteq works towards acquainting Indian market with the most recent and untouched cloud solutions"

Overcoming the Challenges
Adaptability of every new technology proves to be a major challenge because of the frame of mind of people in the country. People need and are ready to use technology but they are reluctant to spend on it. Hence, convincing people and making them understand the benefits of technology is was aonerous task for Xploreteq. Any how, on a brighter note, there are a few who very open-heartedly welcome changes and are ready to spend squander fortunes on technology and that is because they perceive the fact that this kind of investment is done for the betterment of the company. A strong technological back-ground can help any business enhance their functionality, ROI, profits and gain other benefits.
gain other benefits. Before concept-ualizing the company, a lot of ground work had to be done. it had to dedicate plenty of time to form an efficient, talented and dexterous team. “Technology may cost a pretty penny, but this expenditure can fortify the stance of an organization,” adds Amit.

It is great to see that in such a short time, Xploreteq has thrived extensively. The company has not only helped other firms to grow but it has been upgrading itself with the latest trends and technology in this domain. In term of revenue and geographical presence, it has grown to a large extend. It is involved in several engagements covering almost 50 per cent of consequential clients in Pune and has set its foot in the, international platform by serving some of the companies in US. “At present we are operating in Mumbai and Pune and are delivering services to prodigious clients in these regions.”

The Future
Xploreteq has set great futuristic plans ahead of it. It is all set to develop tools based-on Artificial Intelligence. This step is taken to simplify the concept and help companies understand their real-time data, customer size and operations. “Our focus was to work with new techno-logies and we are in the process of developing tools that can provide customers with real-time data. We are also very keen to extend our reach and productivity to a well marked extend,” he concludes.