Yaaz Software Studio: Providing Best Digital Transformation Services

Arun Kannan,CEOAll businesses today need to go through a digital transformation journey in order to survive the tech infusion into every industry for process automation. From an application to cater to the basic requirements to applications to solve complex problems, everything comes handy through an application on the mobile. Yaazh Software Studio was started on 19 February 2019 under key person Arun Kannan.

The company provides all kinds of digital transformation services such as Mobile Application development, UI/UX Design , website development, digital marketing etc. Besides these, the company also engages in providing 24*7 Support services to companies for non-technical processes.

Digital Transformation Is An Important Aspect For All Industries
There stands a widened scope in the future for digital transformation and more companies sorting out for it. Seeing this rise in the demand for digitalization, Yaazh Software Studio was incorporated. It extends its services to various sectors like insurance sector, pharma sector, education sector, social media, and any other domain requiring digital transformation services. It also provides end to end backend support to its clients.

Yaazh Software Studio started with a specific goal to provide the best services to its clients. It later transformed into a product based company catering to the rising demands in the industry. The company stays
invested into research for keeping up with the existing trends and for quality deliverables.The basic balance that keeps the company abreast with its goal is delivering the exact idea that the customer has in mind.

Yaazh is gradually grabbing pace, carving its own path in the industry

Perfect Coordination Among The Team Members for Quality Delivery
There are various stages of digital transformation that every company goes through, in the journey. Every company doesn't have automation and needs a digital presence along with strategic marketing tools. At Yaazh software, the process starts with deep study analysis of the business point. For this, the team engages in a thorough conversation with the customers to understand the agenda. The second stage is the Design development by the UI/UX department which then merges into iOS/android application development. The non-technical part of the process is taken care of by the backend team. The last stage involves quality check by the QA team, thus approving the entire process outcome. Through continuous research and development, Yaazh works on the latest technology and systems like i-OS , Android, Wordpress, Vue.js Artificial intelligence and machine learning that can simplify complex processes.

Future Endeavours in Education Sector
The teams at Yaazh Software Studio coordinate perfectly while creating a balance with the industry needs. As a future roadmap, Yaazh is willing to expand its team by hiring fresh talent into the company as it believes in investing into good resources for the company's growth. There is much talent out there and Yaazh wants to provide employment opportunities and industry experience to young graduates by training them in Specific domains where opportunities are abundant. It wants to separately form a product development team to specifically focus on the product offerings. We as a software firm now are trying to reduce the systemic gap between education and employment exposing the students to the industry environment.