YATRI Motorcycles: Reinventing Mobility

Ashim Pandey,FounderAshim Pandey, the brain behind the establishment of YATRI Motorcycles, aspired to be a part of an exotic design studio in the European automotive industry. After graduating from TU Delft with rich experience in the Formula Student competition and working at Donkervoort, he decided to stop pursuing the dream but venture an own brand in Nepal. Also, being a motorcycle enthusiast since an early age helped him to determine where to begin the design journey from. He also observed that urban space is on the verge of facing resource scarcity and the success of a modern city depends on how it uses mobility space efficiently. To take a step to resolve the existing scenario and reinvent mobility he conceptualized YATRI Motorcycles- A brand that believes in `clean-individual mode of transport' as an important piece in solving the problem of the modern urban landscape, with that it aims to make a breakthrough in the space.

Unconventional Ideas
Venturing as a design studio in Nepal and trying to break the mould of product design was a huge challenge that hindered the company. However, it decided to start with the design proportions of a café racer because of the powerful stance and the overall proportions of the design principle that were thought to fit the statement the company intended to make.
It began the journey by launching a high-performance all-electric café racer motorcycle. Besides being a fundamentally different product with an electric powertrain, the motorcycle features a unique UI that redefines interaction with the motorcycle. The central console is a full-HD beautiful display that shares useful information besides the vital telemetry data like carbon offset and money saved. It also owns an app that could be connected to bikes. The system helps to get real-time location, charging status, servicing appointment booking, 24-hour roadside assistance.

YARTI Motorcycles has garnered a lot of interest from all over the world and expects to roll-out the 50 limited-edition P-0s units after Q3

"We want YATRI Motorcycles to be a seamless integration into your digital life. With a 30kW motor and a robust battery pack and a powerful on-board charger, P-0 delivers a top speed of 120kmph with a range of over 200km in a single charge," inform Ashim Pandey, Founder.

The Overwhelming Path
In a short span of 2 years and with limited resources, the team has delivered three functional prototypes that are closer to the production-ready unit. It has also partnered with several technology companies and tier-1 suppliers that reflect the drive for excellence. Apart from external collaboration, internally, it has taken great care to cultivate a culture of excellence, positive conflict for the best ideas and extraordinary effort to yield the best results. "We feel being able to move forward with these principles sets us on the path to reach to the next level," he says.

The company has garnered a lot of interest from all over the world and expects to roll-out the 50 limited-edition P-0s units after Q3. YATRI Motorcycles secured seed funds in 2018 from an angel investor and one of the most respected business conglomerates, Kalika Group.

With the launch of the limited editions, the brand plans to come up with more affordable and practical commuters in the coming years. "The operation will rapidly scale from 2021 onward and we look forward to penetrating our segment of the market significantly by 2023. We ultimately aim to be the industry leader in high-performance electric motorcycles," he concludes.