Yeka: Back To The Roots With Women Skin & Hair Care

 Nandhini,    Founder



Changing lifestyles and growing awareness have contributed to a significant development in India's cosmetic industry. India is ranked fourth globally for generating the highest revenue from the beauty and personal care market in 2021. The cosmetics market worldwide is controlled by a handful of conglomerates. Even though these were immensely successful in India, domestic counterparts have an equal footing, with newer, organic brands entering the market. YEKA, an all-women run business, is a minimalist hair and skincare brand, a part of the Aeka Herbal Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., that deals exclusively in rich, unique, and herbal beauty oils. They are committed to providing hair and skin care products enriched with exceptional, highly potent yet unexplored traditional herbs.

"Yeka is dedicated to providing exceptional, high-potency, yet previously unexplored traditional herbs"

Raising awareness on plastic usage, animal testing, water pollution, and worker exploitation has never been more critical. The market is flooded with numerous skincare product options, each catering to a specific need, leading to confusion and higher expenditure on the consumer’s side. Yeka is a 100 percent natural brand, so much so that they do not even use artificial fragrances, providing products that are multifunctional, serving multiple needs of consumers in line with their minimalist philosophy. Yeka started its business on Instagram in 2018 andtargeted customers through its two-pronged strategy of driving traffic to its e-Commerce portal and capturing the untapped segment new to online shopping by taking orders on Whatsapp and Instagram DMs. They did not have a huge marketing budget, so they focused more on creative content, collaborating with 700+ influencers on social media, customer understanding, and satisfaction. They have an in-house branding team and leverage a highly competitive ROI of 8-11. “These days, consumers are tired of numerous products with promises and claims unclear on their usage. We at Yeka are here with the hassle-free, truly effective, simple yet miraculous oils,” speaks Nandhini.

A House of Two Brands-: YEKA & GREWAA
Every Hair / Skin Concern is treated by YEKA's simple, yet powerful herbal oils. Yeka’s signature oils are a promise in a bottle to transform the quality of skin & hair. Yeka provides minimalist hair and skin care herbal oils manufactured using natural fresh ingredients. Yeka Moringa hair oil nourishes hair and stimulates growth. Yeka Golden Glow skin oil is an 8-in-1 oil. Their Kumkumadi Night serum works as a midnight recovery serum for normal, oily, and combination skin. “We at Yeka don’t dump our consumers with multiple expensive products. Rather, we load our products with unique rich herbs which completely simplifies the beauty routine”, says Nandhini.

Grewaa is India's first and only exclusive natural brand for pimples and acne, offering a variety of products such as pimple Fighter Soap. This soap is unique because it
contains traditional magical herbs that have miraculous results for customers suffering from severe hormonal acne in just 30 days, as well as other products for healthier skin like Fresh Mint Soap, Green Tea Acne Healing Gel, and Peppermint & Basil Face Pack.

Yeka's team conducts in-depth research on herbs, their benefits and their references in Tamil literature and Siddha scriptures

A Pioneer Of Modern Hair Care
Yeka is proud to be the first Indian brand to use Moringa in hair oils, which are marketed as Yeka Moringa and Mini Yeka Moringa. 'Moringa' has a special mention in Ayurveda, and its use in ancient times aided in the treatment of many diseases. Even today, people refer to it as a powerful remedy rich in vitamins and minerals that heals skin and hair problems in a short period of time. Not only that, but Yeka also uses 26 other carefully selected indigenous ingredients for which each ingredient provides unique hair benefits.

Mission & Vision
Yeka is dedicated to providing exceptional, high potency, yet previously unexplored traditional herbs. They are adamant that every Hair/Skin concern is reversible and curable with the help of nature, and each product is designed with this belief in mind. Yeka’s main mission is to meet the varying needs of all hair and skin concerns in people of all ages and genders.

Yeka's has a unique vision to promote the potential of unexplored traditional herbs to improve skin and hair wellness. It also empowers women and supports their financial independence by providing flexible work opportunities, as well as educating people on the dangers of chemical cosmetics, because it is quite essential to know what you are putting on your skin nowadays.

Customer is Queen
Yeka believes in 'customer is queen' and offers customer support round the week from 10 am to 11 pm. They do not use bots for customer interaction, instead, they have a friendly women-powered customer support team on their social media channels and website. Over 75% of their workforce consists of women, fulfilling their vision to allow women who have taken a career break post marriage owing to different circumstances. They have 15-20 women at different designations working remotely from home, from various parts of the country, who are all new mothers. Yeka has employed 65 people directly and 10,000+ indirectly. Their creative brand approach and inventory are customer-driven after clearly analyzing their needs. Yeka was listed in the Top 20 Women Brands For Women in 2021 by WEI and received Brand-Of-The-Year-2020 by CEO Story Yourstory Publication. Ms. Nandhini Priya N was listed in the TOP 10 Women Leaders in FMCG by CEOInsights Magazine. YEKA has also been recognized and Certified by Startup India in 2022.

Yeka began its sales in 2017 with just 30,000 INR per month and now has scaled upto 7 Lakh INR per month having customers in UAE, US, UK, Canada, and Malaysia. They have 20,000+ regular customers across India and 5000+ testimonials. Yeka will continue focusing on expanding its customer base in India and abroad.

Fresh Minds Behind The Magical Products
The success of YEKA is due to the strength of its team."On our R&D Team, we have siddha experts and a chemist, and they are the backbones of our Magical Products," says Nandhini Priya. Yeka's team conducts in-depth research on herbs, their benefits, and their references in Tamil literature and Siddha scriptures. It is then discussed with a Siddha expert before being developed with the help of chemists. When it comes to marketing, Yeka believes in unconventional marketing strategies, which we, as founders, enjoy and direct our team accordingly," Nandhini Priya concludes. Yeka has a team of fresh minds who are responsible behind the invention of these magical products.

Expansion of Local Presence
Yeka began selling in 2017 with 30,000 INR per month and has since grown to 7 Lakh INR per month, with customers in the UAE, US, UK, Canada, and Malaysia. They have over 20,000 regular customers in India and over 5000 testimonials. Yeka will continue to focus on growing its customer base in India and around the world. In the coming years, Yeka plans to expand our online presence. Other social platforms, such as YouTube and EMarketplaces, will be prioritised. "In the future, we plan to launch our own app and expand into offline stores," Nandhini Priya concludes.