Yo Baby Online: Designing Timeless Baby Apparel for Generational Usage

Haroon Shahab & Kunjan Jain,    Co-FoundersBaby clothes, that are barely useful for a couple of months, have in the Indian culture been passed down generations, not only promoting sustain ability, but also adding nostalgia and connection through generations. However, fast fashion principles have reduced the quality of garments, making them suitable only for short-term usage. To address all these challenges surrounding sustainability, baby safety, as well as development of baby products which can be utilized for generations, Yo Baby Online was founded. Based in Jaipur, this company steers away from the fast fashion principles, bringing customers classic designs and high quality products which are unique and long-lasting.

Sustainable Baby Products

With a wide range of product options diversified into several categories for children from the ages of 0-13, Yo Baby Online has something in store for everyone. Offering a broad spectrum of dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, twinning sets, winter clothing, socks and shoes, party wear clothing, as well as baby jewelry options, bedding, accessories, and more, the company is a one stop shop for all baby needs. The company also offers some Women’s products such as twinning sets to match with their kids, dresses, lounge sets, and more. The company’s flagship
offerings are the dresses designed in a bohochic pattern, a staple design choice for the brand.

“We feel we offer a unique product and we feel now we are at the point where the discerning Indian customer is looking for a high quality product which isn’t fast-fashion but something that can be passed onto generations. As such, our concept is to create unique, fun clothing for kids with special attention to detail. Our aim is to be able to provide our clients both fantastic quality and well invested design, and something we feel so often can be overlooked in kids clothing. The collections feature products that play off style and attitude in keeping with our image – UNIQUE”, shares Haroon Shahab, Co-founder.

Growing Sustainably

Sustainability is a concept which Yo Baby implements across diverse areas of its operations. From embracing eco-friendly design, manufacturing, and packing practices, to developing ecofriendly and recyclable apparel, the company’s daily operations center around sustainability. Moreover, the company also believes in steadily and sustainably expanding via extensive investments in research and development to stay ahead of the market trends. While doing so, the company also aims to establish and encourage a culture of innovation that thrives on creative thinking for enhanced product development and greater customer satisfaction.

Beyond sustainability of product, what sets Yo Baby apart from the thousands of brands in the market are its customization and personalization options that allow consumers to make the products their own, as well as enable the company to suggest more products as per those preferences. Additionally, safety and quality assurance, which are of paramount importance in this sector are given particular emphasis to help build consumer trust. Furthermore, Yo Baby’s dedication on exquisite design creation helps the brand build a unique aesthetic, leaving a distinctive impression in the customers’ minds.

With clear objectives and strategies set in place to guide the company’s endeavors, Yo Baby, and the team behind the brand have ambitious goals of future expansion. In the next few years, the company sees itself expanding in both domestic as well as global markets, reaching a wider audience base. Furthermore, for expertly aligning with the growing cultural diversity, the company aims to further tailor and adapt its products to satisfy the regional preferences as it grows, which will help it sustainably establish its uniqueness far and wide.