Yourdesicart: Catering Indian Indigenous Products To International Doorsteps

Satya Ayyagari,FounderElectronic commerce is the result of the Internet revolution in the field of communication and information. It enables the traditional ways of doing business into digital ways; electronically. The Indian service sector has reached every corner in terms of its reach and accessibility, the E-commerce industry made this receptiveness still more clear such that at present times customers can buy and sell products from any corner of the country.

Yet there is a void in international exchanges of goods regarding E-commerce. India is a huge manufacturer of a wide variety of finished goods including eateries, clothes, utensils, daily usages and many more. Conducive to this fact Hyderabad-based startup has emerged to fill the gap in the international exchange of products with a high amount of reliability.

YourDesiCart, a mother-daughter duo founded startup, is an international courier service that enables shopping from India and shipping Worldwide. It allows couriering the products from India to other countries, and allows customers to shop from online sites, local stores, vendors, and package pickups. Customers can shop for themselves and ship items to yourDesiCart India Locker, or if unable to shop themselves customers can use yourDesiCart Personal Shoppers to shop on their behalf from India.

The flexibility of shopping from India sitting miles away from India and getting items couriered to the desired address Worldwide
or providing the requirement to the company to shop on behalf of customers makes this company unique in the international market. For this prime reason, this firm has a strong customer base not only in India yet in 220+ countries across the globe. yourDesiCart shipped 67000 products in one year to 57+ countries worldwide from India.

YourDesiCart caters a diverse collection of goods with umpteen precautionary measures, from the essentials to jewels. This firm follows a chain of checking measures to avoid misplacing or disruption in the process of shipment, explaining more on this the Founder of the company Satya Ayyagari says “India’s products have huge demand in the international market be it is eatable or top-notch ornaments but there is a huge gap in terms of connectivity, that’s why our firm acts as a bridge to fill this gap. With the help of our firm, Indians staying abroad can enjoy the indigenous products. Circumlocutory with this forum Indian diminutive vendors expand their functionality in the global market”

We understand your emotions towards your indigenous products, you order them from India, we will deliver them to your doorstep Worldwide. Shop and Ship from India

Addressing Client Needs With Ease
At the outset, the customer has to sign into the Mobile app of yourDesiCart by providing the necessary details to create an account. Once the account is ready the app assigns a unique personalized lifetime Locker address. Then customers can shop from Indian e-commerce sites or local vendors and send to Locker address. As and when items arrive, yourDesiCart inspectors receive items at the locker address, inspect them, take pictures, make note of item details on the mobile app and notify customers of the items arrival in the locker via app.

Customers can review locker items and if satisfied with the details of the product can add to cart or initiate returns. Once the cart is ready, customers can provide an international address and checkout cart. The team then makes necessary arrangements for the dispatch of the products. Once the products are dispatched from India, customers receive the courier in 3 to 7 working days.

This private body is associated with many E-commerce industries in India along with small-scale vendors for its chronemics. Currently they have 35000 signups on their mobile app and 50000 plus potential leads over social media channels, and the benefit of shipping more than 67000 products to 57+ different countries, in the span of one year the company is looking forward to making international shopping from India easily accomplishable.