Yours Eventfully: A Platform for Artists & Talents across different Genres

Vibhor Hasija,Founder & CEO

Vibhor Hasija

Founder & CEO

“We are what we choose. The pipeline of our work strategy, the plethora of our audience and the countenance of our ethics will always be our USP in making us successful,” speaks VibhorHasija, Founder & CEO, Yours Eventfully. New Delhi based Yours Eventfully, a full-service event planning and artist management company aims to establish larger than life events for their clients and ensure prompt and quality services available at best of prices.

The foundation of Yours Eventfully is completely exhumation of the essence of being an artist. The company was ideated with the vision of soaring exceptionally high in the event management domain by ensuring the all-round development and growth of an artist in his forte genre and establishing an unparalleled artist network.

Throwing light on, Vibhor mentions, “Today, there is absence of abundance of companies that take the initiative of making the upcoming artists grow not only in the domain of their business development but also in their social network reach, production and every other
dimension of their artistry. Also, any art, cannot be vectorized. It has to be peripheral in a sense to be complete. This peculiar thought-process led us into venturing Yours Eventfully.”

The prime agenda that Yours Eventfully has been following over the years is acting as a catalyst between success and the neonate talent

As an organization, Yours Eventfully has always believed in manifestation of multifaceted expertise. As a result, it has developed a competent team that has been growing in every aspect ensuring to suffice artists with right amount of time and dedication to grow.

Planning Larger than Life Events
The prime agenda that Yours Eventfully has been following over the years is acting as a catalyst between success and the neonate talent. “We deem it as our responsibility to uplift the name of the newly found talent in industry, help them achieve milestones and cater to their growth which eventually leads to the growth of our network and company,” informs Vibhor.

Apart from managing the artists,the company also suffices several other projects like Conceptualizing and Fabricating complete event, making calendars for properties, creating IP’s for artists’ visibility,
collaborating with various hotels and properties, pitching them various concepts and implementing them. “All of our artists are home begotten artists who have handcrafted their artsy in home borne ambiance. We only work with our exclusive artists while networking with a few others as well. The sole reason of being able to serve our clients in the best possible manner is because of this endeared exclusivity. And as we have the best rates of the artists that we work with, dealing with clients is much lucid and convenient,” he informs.

As diverse as the genres of the artists that Yours Eventfully handle, the spectrum of audience that they target is also diverse. From college to corporate to social events, a plethora of audiences is a testimony to their success. The team indeed leaves no stone unturned to walk that extra mile to find the latent talent, nurture them and expose them to a growth which is multispecular and picturesque enough to help them reach the zenith of their artistry.

The Taste of Success
Initially operating from Delhi/NCR, eventually Yours Eventfully has expanded its presence not only at a pan India level but also at international levels. They have tied up with various embassies and international clients with whom we work on different kinds of projects. “We have adapted a development based approach rather than results based approach. We are focusing on optimizing our actions which unconditionally would lead to our growth as team and as a brand,” he concludes.