Yunay Agarbatti: Offering an Array of Agarbatti & Dhoop Cones of the Highest Caliber

  Sudhir Kumar Gupta,     Founder & Partner

Sudhir Kumar Gupta

Founder & Partner

Agarbatti and dhoop products can be considered as the section with unending demand in India which allows the products to be sold through each mode of trade. Agarbatti and dhoop are scented smoke-emitting products made from natural ingredients that can be burned to generate fragrant and aromatic smoke. The increasing customer preference for incense-based products for religious, spiritual, meditational, and therapeutic purposes is driving the industry. Another key growth-inducing aspect is the widespread presence of temples around the country that host numerous religious festivals and rituals. These temples and other religious institutions use agarbatti and dhoop in their daily spiritual and religious rituals, which contributes to the rising demand for these products.

Yunay Agarbatti is a renowned Agarbatti and dhoop stick Brand and top supplier of premium dhoop sticks in Assam and all over India. The firm offers agarbatti and dhoop sticks in a variety of fragrances and sizes to suit every taste and budget. Yunay Agarbatti is equipped with a state-of-the-art production facility for bamboo sticks, agarbatti powder, and batti, allowing the company to produce more incense sticks at the same price range than other brands without compromising incense quality. Yunay Agarbatti ensures that its Agarbatti unit's agarbatti and dhoop sticks are 100 percent pure and quality checked. Each agarbatti stick is meticulously created and infused with an entrancing scent. Its agarbatti and dhoop sticks have a long burn life, produce less smoke, and are evenly fragrant. "At our Agarbatti unit, we encourage women to work, and over 90 percent of our workforce is female. We attempt to limit the use of machinery in our production to create employment while also providing our agarbatti customers with a personalized experience” signifies Sudhir Gupta.

Agarbatti & Dhoop of the Finest Quality
`Yunay Agarbatti provides a wide range of agarbatti and dhoop at very reasonable prices, including floral incense fragrances such as Rose Agarbatti, Mogra, Rajnigandha dhoop sticks, Sandalwood Agarbatti, and Lavender Incense, as well as fruity agarbatti fragrances such as Mango and Pineapple Agarbatti. In this incense line, the company also offers fancy fragrances such as Divya, Mandir, 2in1, and others. Its signature product is Avtar Agarbatti, as well as Agarbatti/Dhoop cones in innovative jar packaging and Agarbatti YUG zip pouch.
Avtar Incense is by far the most popular, its captivating aroma is amazing and unparalleled. In this range, the company also sells Ganan Agarbatti, as well as popular fragrant dhoop sticks like Sandalwood Agarbatti, Rose, Lavender, Mogra, Pineapple, and Mango. This agarbatti and dhoop collection is one of the most affordable and value for money. Yunay Agarbatti offers three distinct agarbatti and dhoop smells in a zipper pouch packaging that is both aromatic and cost-effective. Yunay offers Dry and Wet Dhoop Cones in the enticing fragrances of Rose, Lavender, Mogra, Sandalwood, Mango, and Pineapple in both jar and box packaging. The company offers Puja Samagri Packs, which comprise all of the materials for the puja rituals in their purest form. Besides, the firm also provides raw materials such as charcoal and sawdust made inhouse to other bulk buyers.

Yunay Agarbatti has grown to have 50+ agarbatti varieties that sell well in Assam and throughout India, as well as via Amazon Pan India owing to its standardized quality work

Yunay Agarbatti prepares raw materials on its own to achieve optimal quality and economic competitiveness. The one-of-a-kind scents are created after extensive research and experimentation to assure mesmerizing aroma without any harmful effects. Firstly, charcoal and sawdust are crushed in a pulverizer machine to a 100 mesh size. This mixture is combined with Joss powder in the Mixer machine to create a premix, and then water is added to thoroughly mix it. Following the mixing of the binding substance and the agarbatti bamboo stick, the completed incense sticks are ready for varied perfume/fragrance dipping. The agarbatti is then passed through the cyclic process of drying and perfuming followed by a quality check. Finally, the agarbatti is packed in air tight pouches, packed in boxes, and prepared for shipping to clients across the country.

"Each stick is subjected to multiple checks, including fragrance quality, check for breakages or stale agarbatti, burning length, period of fragrance retention after burning and so on to ensure best formulation/ product diversity for our perfumed incenses” adds Nitesh Gupta Co-Founder & Partner.

Journey of Excellence
Yunay Agarbatti commenced its journey in 2017 with 4 agarbatti fragrance varieties and has now grown to have 50+ agarbatti varieties that sell well in Assam and throughout India, as well as via Amazon Pan India owing to its standardized quality work. Recently, the company reached a milestone by delivering YUnay Agarbatti to India's renowned temples, Kamakhya Mandir in Guwahati and Bhimashankar Mandir in Guwahati. Currently, the firm is growing at a 4 times Revenue multiple YoY bases and plans to maintain this pace for the next three years. Yunay Natual Agarbatti is already a completely non-chemical and organic product. The firm is further experimenting with Yunay Mosquito repellant Agarbatti to make it a novel product that would be without insecticides and pesticides. All in all, the firm keeps introducing new variants every couple of months and is striving for more 100 percent natural products like natural sandalwood, and more. "We look to expand to other countries in the near future and make Yunay Agarbatti a household name in India” concludes Ram Prakash Gupta, Co-Founder & Partner.